what i did on my summer staycation

September is a tricky month in the Rahree household. I have some leeway in my schedule to take some time to decompress...after several months of 6-day (or longer!) weeks, it's a welcome change. And even though this summer ran smoothly (thanks to JW, JB, AD and EM!), I was still having a hard time making coherent sentences. So I asked the boss for a week or so off, and checked in with hubby to see if his schedule would allow us to do some sightseeing and such.

No. such. luck.

September is his busiest month, and I forget that tiny fact every single year.

So I had two alternatives...suck it up and go back to work early, to accrue a few more vacation days, or stay at home. I picked door number two, and it was sooooo worth it!

So here's a little bit of what I did on my summer staycation:

Went to the Farmer's Market! I bought shallots and garlic, all kinds of summer squash and zucchini, heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil, and a pint of fresh cream, half of which went onto fresh berries and the other half of which went into cherry-oat scones. Yum!

Did buttloads of laundry!(with my helper, of course) and cleaned and unpacked and tidied...all I need now are some rugs, and new hangers for the winter coats that are still boxed up. Everything else is all set!

Drove with hubby and Boo out to Skyline Drive! If you've never been and are willing to splurge on the gasoline, it's totally worth it. The drive is beautiful, the views even more so.Lots of farm stands with fresh veggies and small antique stores dot the area, making it an easy day trip with lots of opportunities to stretch your legs. Took us about 80 minutes from the Nutley Street exit on Rt. 66, so it was totally doable. But if you're one of those folks who gets nauseous on bendy roads, maybe this one's not for you.

Went to the doctor! While I still need to get a baseline physical (Shame on you, Rahree! Shame!), I did hit the dentist (4 cavities...wah waaaaaaaaaah) and the allergist, who provided me with these photos to use for my upcoming class. Nothing like a good illustration of the inside of yer head to get you excited for September, eh?

And today? We'll I'm watching my yard fill up with water, courtesy of Tropical Storm Hanna. This picture was taken about an hour ago...it's even higher now. Praying that the sump pump keeps on keepin' on.

Of course there was abundant bad-tv viewing, magazine reading, decompressing, glasses of wine, walks around town...all of those good things, too. And I have to say that, all things considered, I'm feeling quite refreshed!

And I did it without having to pack a single bag. Go, me. Happy staycation, indeed!

my five?
  1. unstructured time
  2. bad tv
  3. facebook and old friends
  4. being reminded that i'm not in control
  5. nesting


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