Application mini-rant

I check my work email from home. With the various application deadlines and the questions that accompany, it makes sense to respond quickly to questions. We'd hate to miss hearing that singer because our application isn't responding correctly, the payment pages aren't working, etc.

But many times, in the wee hours, singers send us emails that are less than professional. The tone is too friendly. The sentences are almost in English, but not quite. There's the occasional lol or omg.

Not. Okay.

This is a business, one at which you hope to make a living. And while you'd like us to judge you based on your singing, it's your materials and your correspondence that will get you in the door. Proofread your resume. Heck, proofread your application! How many have we already received that reversed first and last name? At least 15. If you can't get your name right, why should we hear you? And it's not just folks applying for the Studio tier that are making these missteps...there are many Filene Young Artist applicants who are having issues with last-name-first-name order...

If your materials are pristine, it reassures us that you are put together...that you're making a serious, concerted effort to work in this difficult field. It tells us that you're a certain caliber of artist. That you're a professional. And when we don't know you, or know you just barely, the lack of polish in those materials can be a HUGE red flag... can make us doubt whether you're ready to make that step and whether we should put our full resources behind you.

Remove that doubt for us. When you call or email, keep it professional. We can be friends once you get here...until then, show us that you're grown up. And that you want it.



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