Back in the saddle!

I got an email yesterday from a new friend, who casually asked how my training was going.

Truthfully? It wasn't. Going. Miss Slackmaster Flash had only run as far as the 7-11 for her candy bar stash. And, while I was totally irritable and moody, I was totally ok with it, as long as I didn't have to sweat.

Ah, yes... remembering all that hooey I wrote about "lifestyle change" and getting healthy...blah, blah, blah.

But things have changed. Suddenly, drastically.

Courtesy of the mirrors in various, unnamed Tysons Corner Mall shops.

The combination of pale, ripply and flabby under a fluorescent light? Totally dispelled any illusions I may have had. (And I had, tall, svelte, busty, longhaired, gorgeous illusions... I loved those illusions!)

So, this morning, at the butt-crack of dawn, the running shoes were tied, the bed-head hidden under a cap and the iPod set to the Booty Groove - you know, those tunes that get your fanny moving...I scrapped the usual workout, (because, I don't know, I'm 2 weeks behind at this point?) and just ran until I felt that I had gone a decent distance...not enough to kill me, but enough to feel like I had done enough work.

Two and a half miles, folks. Without stopping. Tadaaaaaaaa!!!

I am officially back!

And awesome, I am officially awesome. Because not only did I run AND enjoy it AND do a decent distance, but I also did it prior to 6:30am. Take that!

Now, since I'll be missing the work 5K, I'll be trolling for a new one to sign up for. I'm totally doing this! And, in related news, check out Gmaps Pedometer - push the record button, and double-click on your starting allows you to map your route and see how many miles you've walked/run, and gives you a link so you can go back to the route you've mapped out. Here's what I did, pre-dawn today.

Today on the work/home docket? Picking up puppy from the vet, heading to voter registration, getting the car inspected, listening to operas X and Y, and maybe doing a little recording. A coach/conductor friend, IG, will be stopping by this afternoon - it's been a while since we've seen him, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about his busy year! And there are many, many loose ends to firm up regarding the audition tour...rental checks and insurance policies, monitors, and screening applications. Today's the deadline for the Studio Artist applications, so I'll be starting to read through the applications, essays and recommendation letters. It'll be a busy day!


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