Happy Anniversary!

Today it's been five years.

Five years. Two states. Three towns.

Two rounds of graduate school.

One stray cat and one pedigreed dog.



Bad movies and good date nights. Sometimes all at the same time.

Touristy weekends. Trips to California, New York, Philly, Florida, Deep Creek, Rehoboth, and back home to da 'burgh.

Grumping. Spats. Both infrequent and largely unmemorable.

Fibbing about where and how we met. (I think that most folks saw through the "he tripped on the sidewalk in front of my house..." line.) Going for coffee that first time at Dancing Goats on Ellsworth Avenue...me changing my clothes 5 times before leaving the house, you drinking a HUGE coffee, even though, well, you didn't drink or really like coffee...you did talk kinda fast that evening...

Knowing that I could fall in love with you the first time you baby-talked to a puppy.

Sharing the happiest moments. And the most tragic.

Knowing that it's all better because we have each other.

Thanks for the past five, babe. Here's to five more...and five more after that, and five more after that...ad infinitem.

Love you.


KT said…
Congratulations!!!! Great pic of you two!

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