I can't keep up!

Lots to talk about! Where to begin???

I taught my last voice class of the term tonight. I was consistently surprised by the folks in my classes...their curiosity, their willingness to go outside of their comfort level, their lovely voices. We sang tunes by the Beatles, Paul Simon, Colby Caillat, Andrew Lloyd Weber... and many others. I love the generosity of spirit that they showed in trying something new and doing so wholeheartedly, and am inspired to do the same. Making Noise classes - you ROCK!!!

The presidential debate is tonight. I am watching House instead, as I have already voted [absentee, my babies!] and my hubby and I are not watching because we fall solidly on different sides of the argument. And we get along so well when there's not an election...

I have a cat on my lap. The dog is asleep, and Mr. Sir is curled up in a ball all toasty and warm on my velour sweatpants. The dog is a jealous boy...it's nice to get some kitty time!

I'm taking off for a mid-week girl's night here...meeting the Pittsburgh posse halfway(ish) for some catching up...wine, trashy magazines, and lots of venting coming right up! These girls have always grounded me, been my go-to girls for both good and bad. Hell, they took me to Vegas for my batchelorette party...need I say more?!? I am so lucky to have them. (And I'll be stocking up on treats to show them how lucky I am!)

But before I go play with the girls? Running. Must go tomorrow. 2.8 miles on the docket tomorrow... we'll see how well I do!
UPDATE: walked the 3 mile loop with the dog and THEN tried to run it...I was less than successful. But that first mile felt awesome. So, maybe it's the long walk pre-run, or maybe I need to be a little more consistent with my running days...or maybe I need NEW SNEAKERS! I think that's it.

And when I get back to work? Screenin' and schedulin' my friends! Studio auditions, FYA auditions...lots of people to get through, and the challenge is to get through them in a thoughtful, fair, measured way... the way that I'd want someone to process my application if I had submitted one. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with applications at week's end. If you're interested in more, check out KPW's blog here. And know that my undergarment comment may be harsh, but it's true.


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