It's beginning to look a lot like...

...audition season!

I mean autumn...of course. Autumn!

(And audition season!)

It's one of the most exciting times in our office...daydreaming about the next season, re-working wish lists, listening to oodles of opera to prime our ears for the best singing. The applications are flowing in, many familiar names, and many more who are new to us. There's definitely a sense of possibility in this brief time frame, a feeling of hope, a feeling that anything's possible. And this feeling of possibility is being echoed by today's beautiful cool, sunny weather...yessir, today I can do anything.

(Except work, evidently. Whoops.)

I'm spending a large portion of today with iTunes and scores... my operatic knowledge isn't tiny, but it's no match for my travelling companions. So I'm listening to operas that I'm not familiar with, but maybe should be. And, instead of listening for just "my part" and how it fits into the score as a whole (yepper, you can take the singer out of the costume, but somehow you can't take the singer out of the administrator's head.) I'm trying to get a feel for the piece as a whole; orchestration, vocal types as well as vocal weight and color, and general pacing and content (read: is it interesting on both musical and dramatic levels?). It's really a different way of listening, and I find that without a score to follow I'm at a bit of a loss...once I know the story and music more, I'm sure it'll be easier to separate myself from the printed page, but right now I'll take all of the tools at my disposal.

And I'd love to give you a hint of what I'm listening to, but the truth is that it really doesn't matter...I'll spend hours learning and refreshing a score of scores, and because we pick the singers before the repertoire there's no guarantee that even one of the shows I'm listening to will be on the 2009 season. Think of it as studying for a math test, and walking into a chemistry lab on exam day...yep, it's a little like that! But learning a new show? Never a bad idea.

Also on the docket for today?
  • Recording and posting accompaniments for my voice class nextTuesday.
  • Replacing some of my puppy-chewed clothes with honest-to-goodness new ones. (Yay!)
  • Finding and unpacking my winter clothes
  • Breaking in the new crock pot - Yay!
And finally, here's a long overdue five:
  1. crisp weather
  2. apples
  3. courage
  4. friendship
  5. socks... because now I actually, finally, need to wear them

p.s. if you're a dog lover, send some extra hugs to Boo, who is at the vet being robbed of his manhood as we speak.


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