It's my least favorite time of the year.

I've scheduled singers, and sent "no" emails to those that we didn't have time to hear this year. As a former singer, this is bad karma time...I know and love folks who did not get an audition with us this year. Knowing how hard it is to get auditions, I feel very much like the Grinch...siiiiigh....

There are always a large handful of people who need to swap times/cities...and it's tricky because they may have made the cut in one city but not in another. (Hint for next year? Apply for the first deadline. And if you can make it to the DC audition day, do it.) It's even trickier to keep track of all the folks with issues, keep them current and fix problems, and then have more issues arise the next's neverending.

I've started to contemplate packing. How does one pack for Houston, LA, AND Chicago in one bag without going overweight [like last year...oops...]? I'll let you know.

I went running last night...feeling sad and frustrated and a little overwhelmed. And the run felt really good. Granted, I almost got hit by a green taurus with crappy brakes, but it totally made me run faster! (There's that karma thing...get it? Carma? Aaaahahahaha... no future in stand-up for Rahree.) So, on the bright side, maybe this exercise thing is taking hold. Here's hoping!


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