Saturday afternoon

Lots of things to talk about, but only time enough to mention them. I could write whole posts on each of these, and maybe someday I'll be disciplined enough to do so!

  • Application deadlines have all passed. We've yet to see the last batch that have come in, but now we start screening and scheduling. A word to the wise for future seasons: read the app and follow the directions, and when you have a problem let us know. Don't call us because you're nervous or because you need to be talked through the process. And please don't call us because you haven't read all of the directions...we actually spend time trying to ensure that our directions are clear, and we do a decent job. (When you can't follow the directions on the page, we make assumptions about what kind of singer you'll be...) Looking forward to actually getting on the road and hearing some of these folks!

  • Some work on this long weekend, but also there's a visit with two of my oldest and dearest besties from undergrad...they're in town for a family affair, and I'm so excited to steal some time from their celebration to catch up with them!

  • Ran today...lots of stops and starts after the initial mile-and-a-half, which wasn't so great. But the good thing? When I actually added up all the running, it came to 3.2 miles. Hot. Damn. Next step is to refine the playlist so that I don't run out of steam too soon.

  • The most important thing? It's Mom's birthday today! While my celebration with her will have to wait a week or so, I'm hoping she has a great day. She's an inspiration, a friend, a role model...she's the best. Happy B-Day!!!
And my 5?
  1. Mom. {duh.}
  2. Friends who are considered family.
  3. Football season.
  4. Sticktuitiveness.
  5. Naps.


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