slackmaster flash

Boy, so much going on, and so little drive to blog about it. Sorry's not that things are exceptionally bad or good, it's just me trying to get some private time before hitting the road on the audition tour. I'll be again trying to blog every day in the month of November, but until then things will be a bit scarce.

I'm in the midst of screening applications for the Studio program. It's taking me much longer than I had initially thought it would...some singers have limited performance opportunities, others have taken lots of initiative to get experience, some have done many's more a reflection of the priorities of their degree programs than of the singers at this point, and they don't line up cleanly. There's no set of criteria that is consistent for all of the singers, which is good, but means that it takes me quite a while to suss out whether they're ready to sing for us. And it's difficult to reject folks who are obviously passionate about the art form at the very outset of their careers. Here's hoping that I've divined the right info from each application.

There'll be a blog at some point about resumes and writing samples, as well. For now, suffice it to say that you should check to see how your resume prints when you send it as an attachment; it may not be as orderly as you intend...

Heading to the southern end of the state for a wedding this evening. Enjoy your weekend!


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