11.10.08 Aaaaahhhhh...

Today is an opera-free day!

Well, kinda. I'm sitting in the Squat and Gobble (isn't that a great name?!) in Lower Haight, nursing a gorgeous chai tea latte, and eavesdropping on a conversation between an obvious opera lover and her ambivalent slavic companion. The weather here is beautiful - cool and sunny. It would be a perfect autumn day, except the trees are all vibrantly green. There's no raking in San Francisco!

Today is the last day of the tour that has neither travel nor opera. (Many of our remaining days include both, sadly.) I'm taking advantage of it! Got up early (well, West Coast early), and went for a run with KPW this morning. We both booked massages to get rid of some of the cumulative stiffness from the travel, heavy luggage (will I never learn?!), and cute (read: high) heels. And this afternoon we're all hanging out with one of my best buddies from undergrad, MikeBee. I saw him and his lovely girl M last night for the first time since - wait for it - 1995. That's right. It's been 13 years. And we all picked right up where we left off...it was pretty awesome.

Last night we met some old friends at a FAB restaurant - here's the menu cover. I didn't take pictures of the food because, well, you'd drool all over your keyboard and I just can't be responsible for a computer malfunction that would ruin your day. But I did have the roast chicken mac 'n cheese. And the bacon-wrapped meatloaf was a big hit too. Are you salivating yet?

We met some familiar faces for dinner, too... friends from college and the Trap. For me it's nice to meet the folks that I see every day when I walk into KPW's office-slash-gallery.

Tonight and tomorrow I'll spend some significant time reconciling the petty cash...always loads of fun, especially when cab fares from the airports almost always range from $30-$70. Ugh. And I'll be listening to some recordings, trying to brainstorm, and keep my ears primed.

Next post? From Ohio - Cincinnati to be exact! Send us good flight karma!

Whoops - forgot my five:
  1. lactaid. i can drink lattes again!
  2. the feeling after my run is finished
  3. old friends
  4. leisure time
  5. Irving Berlin's "puttin' on the ritz", sung by Fred Astaire


vkwheels said…
I feel ya sister! aaaaaaahhh....

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