Saturday morning, first day of November.

NaBloPoMo. Heck, yeah!

November is an easy month to post daily, travel and spotty internet access notwithstanding. We leave on the audition tour on Election Day, and start hearing singers the following morning. It's an exciting time, hearing some of the best young singers in the nation, and reimagining our repertoire choices for summer 2009 on a daily basis.

But we have miles to go before Houston...last-minute audition time swaps, proofing and printing all of the paperwork that follows us, collecting cab numbers for each of the eight cities we'll be in, and packing for several different climates. (That last one is my own personal hell.)

It's a contradictory time for me. One of the reasons that I decided against a singing career (beside having to do all that pesky practicing) was the amount of time that a singer has to spend away from home. I dig my hubby, my pets, my house. I love that my neighbors stop by to say hi when our porch light is on. I love watching the cub scouts picking trash up from the roadside after the big Halloween parade, walking the dog over to visit with the town cops, catching a band at the local joint and walking home afterwards.


There's something terribly exciting about not having to make my bed, meeting old friends, seeing theater across the country, hearing so many talented singers, seeing towns that I wouldn't have otherwise visited. (And I'd be lying if I didn't say that I love that hubby and the animals get a chance to miss me...good thing we moved to a town with many, many take-out options!)

So today will be spent making lists, doing laundry, shopping for gloves and a pencil case, distilling the wardrobe down to something practical and portable (I'm thinking black...lots of black), and stocking up the house for my absence... tp, dog & cat food, frozen pizza and cooked chicken and spinach. I took the dog to the dog park for the first time in ages - BIG FUN! - so he's out cold on the couch next to me. Second cup of joe is on the end table, the Food Network is on the tube (Some lady I don't know making chocolate everything...fondue, cakes, hot chocolate with rum. Lurvely...), and I'm finishing the morning paper and contemplating a shower. But let's not be hasty...today I'm relishing a slower pace.


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