Ok, I'm not in Ohio yet. I'm sitting cross-legged near an outlet in the San Francisco airport, wondering if I'll ever sleep well again and whether the paltry reading material I'm toting around will carry me through the next looong flight. San Francisco was great fun! I'm feeling a bit of a crash coming on, though...I'm a little sniffly, a little scratchy-throated, and my body is not going to want to wake up tomorrow morning. Say a prayer that there's more than decaf in my hotel room tomorrow morning. (2 cities out of three have had no high-test coffee in the hotel rooms...what is UP with that?!?!)

Tomorrow in Cincinnati we're split between Studio applicants and Filene Young Artist applicants. It's going to be a long day, with a flight to Chicago tacked to the end...seems like a perfect time to start throwing rep choices around.

More later from Cincinnati... hopefully. Just in case I crash, here's my 5:
  1. knowledgeable tour guides
  2. my new purple scarf
  3. caffeine. preferably in coffee form.
  4. down time
  5. smooth travel - knocking on wood!


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