My kind of town, Chicago is!
I love this place - the architecture, the great downtown, the people who are simultaneously gruff and friendly, the strength of the performing arts community...all incredible. And we have great friends who live and work here - it's a real treat to touch base with them when we're in town.

We have one more day of auditions here in the Windy City, and we're back in the DC area this evening. It's a good thing: we're all starting to get super fatigued. It's not the singing that's tiring...the auditions are exciting and energizing at their best, mildly interesting at their worst. It's the travel, the schlepping, the meetings, the getting around that's difficult. My back is sore, my eyes are as red as any stoner, and my spirit is stingy. It's nothing that a good night's sleep (or five), a hug from hubby and some playtime with the pup and cat won't cure.

My five:
1. Improv comedy. Amazing.
2. Family. Thanks for saving me from myself.
3. Cheese Sticks. Soooo good.
4. Generous, patient colleagues.
5. The upbeat barista at the Corner Bakery here in Chicago - this guy can make me smile, pre-caffeine. No mean feat, let me assure you.


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