11.16.08...Memory Lane!

We spent today in lovely Vienna, Virginia...when I left on Election Day the weather was warm and the trees were covered in beautifully colored leaves. When our flight arrived from Chicago a little before midnight on Friday, it was still warm, and very humid.

Today is a different story!

The trees are mostly bare, spidery things. It's chilly out...not OMG COLD! but still enough to make me button up my coat shortly after exiting the car or house.

We heard day two of auditions at Wolf Trap today. On Saturday we heard Studio singers in the intimate Lecture Hall in the Center for Education...a place I like to compare to the inside of a sock as far as resonance goes. As I said yesterday, it's the exact opposite of the Chicago hall, from the resonance to the view. (No windows!) In many ways it's a clearer aural picture...here's the voice, with no added sugar. There were many great works-in-process, and a few gems that really stood out; it was an exciting day!

Today we heard Filene Young Artist applicants in The Barns. our primary performance venue. This is the easy place to hear people...we don't have to extrapolate very far. We can easily tell what they'll sound like when we add a few hundred people to the room, so if they sound good, well, they sound good!

The other aspect of today's auditions- and honestly, several days on the tour - was particularly rewarding was seeing several folks who I either went to graduate school with or who followed me shortly thereafter. I am heartened to hear some fabulous development, and always marvel at how different they sound, the maturity and polish of the product. While I'm not personally missing performing so much, I do miss the community and support of my friends and colleagues, and I'm always pulling for folks from my alma maters. So here's a shout out to the alums that I've heard on the tour! And for all singers, in general...as someone who has been on your side of the table, please know that I'm pulling for you to do your absolute best. I really do want you to knock my socks off! And believe me, I know how difficult it is. You can do eeeeeeet!

This evening finds me happily ensconced in a new (to us!) hotel in New York City. BD recommended it to Kim last year, and happily it did not disappoint! And it's right across the street from heaven, so I have coffee AND tea for tomorrow morning! Yep, Rahree's gettin' crazy with the beverages!

My five for the evening:
  1. Amtrak. SO much more civilized than the airport.
  2. Hotel kitchenettes. A fridge and a microwave, and life is bliss.
  3. Black Max from Bolcom's Cabaret Songs...Studio singers, it really is okay to offer art song - we love the change of pace!
  4. New York City, one of my favorite places to visit.
  5. The knowledge that, at this time next week, I'll be home in my jammies with my boys.


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