11.18.08, part two. Or 11.19.08, really early.

Being a fairly food-motivated bunch, we grabbed lunch today at Mee's Noodle Shop on 9th, close to the audition space. If you sang for us this afternoon, though, you already know that...the smell of sweet and sour pork hung around the room all afternoon. The shop is to the left - it's teeny, the ceiling is grease stained, and the food is lovely. If I lived in New York I'd weigh 2,000 pounds...do you have bad restaurants here? Seriously.

No monologues in the audition room today, sadly...but some good singing, to be sure! Today's interesting choice was for mezzo - Hermia's puppet speech from Midsummer. It's a great way to sing a short, dramatically-involved English piece without having to go to the old standbys, Dido or "Must the Winter Come So Soon." One of the best parts about the audition process is having a pleasant surprise come through the door!

The evening the panel went their separate ways...one to a Broadway musical, one to the Met, and one to meet up with college friends. That last one was me. I haven't seen some of these folks for 13 years, since graduation from undergrad. (Wow. I am an old, old woman. And I'm just getting older. Sad.) And it was lovely to be able to pick up where we left off...to talk about that formative experience, catch up on everyone's comings and goings. They all look exactly like they did in college, with the added beauty of confidence...it's amazing. (And they're all skinny too...I'll start working now for next year, I guess!) Our time together this evening was much too short, and after so long away from each other I wanted to spend so much more time with each of them individually. In a nutshell, it was both beyond wonderful to see them all. I miss them already.

So, for today a second five:
  1. This tour, for allowing me a reason to reconnect with so many friends all over the country.
  2. New York architecture.
  3. Good dreams.
  4. Hope.
  5. Friends who make you feel like you've never been apart. Love you guys!


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