11.19.08, for realz

Here's our audition room at Carroll Music.

In previous years we've used rooms at City Opera or Juilliard, which means that seeing opera singers in the hallway was a usual occurrence, people know where we are, and most importantly that I can pop into the Banana Republic on my way to the hotel in the evening when I've inadvertently left something at home.

This space is interesting on a few levels. Firstly, it's waaaay over by the river, in a neigborhood populated by, well, car dealerships. The building itself is unassuming, which means that no one can really tell if they're in the correct place when they arrive. (And I think the neighborhood garage managers are getting a HUGE kick out of seeing folks all dressed up, walking around, looking lost.) It's a fairly dry room: good for us, not as good for the singers who depend on getting a lot back from the space. And for the last few days we've been sandwiched in a room with rehearsals on either side of us; a rock band to the right of us, and a big band to our left. It's interesting on a recreational level - once the pianist begins we're easily able to plug into them and the other noise falls away. Sometimes an interlude or introduction gets a little extra oomph from the room next door, though, and I wonder if it's distracting to the performer. Anyone have an experience they'd like to share? (And if you've not auditioned for us yet, consider yourself warned!)

Today's agenda is:
  • Auditions
  • Lunch with a director
  • More Auditions
  • BBQ with more buddies.
And my 5:
  1. Taxi cabs...it's bleeping FREEZING out, and my gloves and hat are sadly in DC. The saying about freezing your @ss off? It's not true, which is also sad.
  2. Slap happiness...such fun to be silly!
  3. Pierrot's tanzlied...I'm a sucker for a good rendition of this. My boss actually called me a Korngold whore. And she's right.
  4. Adult beverages and good conversation after a long day.
  5. Finish lines...miles to go before we sleep, for sure, but the picture is focusing a little bit.


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