Oh, that these "extra" hours would happen more often! I slept well and long, which is good as there's lots to do today...a mall run for travel necessities, packing, stocking the kitchen for hubby's single-man month, cleaning up all the things that the dog could destroy when he's bored... it's a full day! But there's always time for a little writing and a little James Bond marathon on the tube... I'm a sucker for a cheesy action movie.

Our first stop is Houston on Tuesday. It's a travel day, so we'll have some time to get organized. And we're hitting OperaDaddy's house for an Election Day party that night, which will be super fun! We start at 10am on Wednesday with singers for the Studio program.

I'm off to walk the dog before hitting the errand trail. I walk him every morning (after a cup of coffee, naturally), and usually wake up on my feet...wondering if I'll be able to feel really alert without that walk, and to see how I feel without 2-4 miles of walking daily.

This time around? I'm packing exercise clothes. And vowing to use them.


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