Good morning New York!

As I write this I'm still in my jammies (it's early...wish I could get off teacher time!), in bed, laptop on lap, iPod cooing from the corner, with a cup of good, strong coffee. Aaahhh....

Except that I've got to get a move on. Get dressed, spackle the face, heels, stockings, cold weather, 20 block walk to the studio.

But I'm starting to settle into the routine, and am liking it. It's the danger for me, this period of growing comfy in NYC... Heck, if this was what daily life was like, rolling out of an UWS apartment to a job a few blocks away that was filled with music, why wouldn't I go for it?

The reality would not be so fun or convenient, I'm afraid. For the realty would be, seriously, New Jersey. Not Manhattan. And I'm not knocking Jersey, but you understand...le sigh.

So it's a good thing that we're packing these days so full of meetings and reunions and lots and lots of singing. Today is our last day in New York, and it's full! Singers during the day, a lunch meeting, a looong work session this evening, and repacking the bag for tomorrow's mad dash to Philly.

On an audition-related note, I'll be writing about audition fashion tomorrow or Sunday, but when a friend asked for horror stories from this year, I had surprisingly little to offer...either my standards are slipping a little, or folks are being a little more careful and professional. But more on that later.

Here's a shot of Edgar, the Opera Lizard (sorry, Carl...I'm riding on your tail feathers a bit!) We met Edgar at Brother Jimmy's on Wednesday...should've known that all of the hot air we were putting out would attract the only reptile left in New York in the winter. Edgar is sitting in on auditions, but he's told me that his real musical love is karaoke. We keep trying to keep him away from the mic, but he's a quick little dude!

And these folks are fellow survivors of Carnegie Mellon's Voice Department... I met them in 1991, (ugh...that makes me feel a little old) and we still can talk like we did back in the day. I have to say, we're not children anymore but we're looking pretty darn good! Love you guys.

My five:
  1. Hot showers.
  2. Banana bread pudding at the Neptune Room on Amsterdam. Lurvely.
  3. Singer-songwriters...to wash my ears out.
  4. Creativity.
  5. Good memories.


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