11.22.08 - EndGame

It's Friday night in New York City!

And instead of seeing a show, meeting friends, people watching, all of those fun things, we grabbed our notes, recordings, scores and piled into Kim's room to narrow the puzzle down. (for those of you who are curious, King Ted did not make the cut again this year...poor guy.) We grabbed some dinner from Fairway across the street, and spread papers over every square inch of the room. We had four laptops going...mind you that there are only three of us on the trip.

And, of course, we still don't have a season.

Another day of auditions tomorrow (Later today, rather...eek!) at the Curtis Institute of Music. A train ride to the site, and another home later that day for two-thirds of the panel, and we'll have collected all of the information that we're going to get - and need - to make some opera next season. It's exciting, but it's a tricky rubik's cube of a puzzle...who we want to bring, what they'd be best served by, where the existing schedule conflicts lay...layer on top a skittish economy and, well, it's a messy mess.

I'm going to try to rest up and clean my ears out by listening to a little non-operatic rep before I fall asleep. Here, instead of my daily five, are five tunes that help me relax... g'night, John boy!

  1. All I Need - Air (Moon Safari)
  2. Harvest Moon - Cassandra Wilson (New Moon Daughter)
  3. Scattered Black and Whites - Elbow (Asleep in the Back)
  4. Waltz No. 2 (XO) -Elliot Smith (XO)
  5. Lord, Save Me From Myself - Jon Foreman (Fall - EP)


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