11.25.08 re-entry

Coming back home after the audition tour is always a mixed blessing. Just seeing my boys always recharges me. But I've been totally spoiled over the last few weeks...someone cleans up after me, provides me with lovely little bottles of shampoo and lotion, and it's my prerogative to sleep diagonally across every huge, clean-linened, freshly-made bed.

Diagonal is no longer an option.

Today is a work day, although we'll be eschewing the office for Kim's house and a long-distance Skype chat with CameraMan. There are several programs who have already made offers, so we need to put the puzzle together stat, or we stand to lose some of the singers we'd like to hire.

On a side note, this is the first year that we've heard several singers that, in another life, I studied and performed with. It's a mixed blessing, honestly. I love these folks, and am always amazed at the progress they've made since the last time I've heard them...sound, stagecraft, comfort level, all high. But I recuse myself from these auditions, as I'm unable to be objective. My not-so-inner Paula comes out, and I want to cheerlead. It's not fair. There are literally hundreds of other candidates who are unknown to me, and yet still supremely qualified. My colleagues don't need the pull of a panel member who is championing an old friend. And ultimately it's not fair to the artist: they need to be chosen on their merits, rather than a nostalgic classmate's whim. Siiiiigh... this is a difficult part of the job that they don't tell you about when you switch out of singing into administration.

My five:
  1. Long walks with Boo.
  2. My fuzzy slippers.
  3. Jacuzzi tub and lavender bath salts...heaven...
  4. Staycation Thanksgiving.
  5. Daydreaming.


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