Whoops - almost forgot to post today! And my record this month has been pretty good - good thing I didn't totally blow it at the last minute!

Today was a good, non-operatic day. They're not mutually exclusive: in fact, often the good opera leads to a good day and vice-versa. Boo got a well-deserved and much needed bath, (and my floors got a kind of second-hand mopping as a result) I turned on the iPod, and sang my way through making a batch of chocolate-chip muffins (from scratch. Oh. Yeah.), caught up with a good friend over coffee, fell in love with a gym (WHO KNEW?? I feel thinner, stronger, and considerably above average just walking in the door. And they have workout equipment there, too.), walked to City Hall with the hound - and sang the Vienna Teng tune the whole way there and back. Baked ziti for supper, a soak in the jacuzzi tub and a sleeping dog on the couch... life is good.

I'm not really in the right frame of mind for it today, but in the middle of the audition tour madness, on a particularly pissy day, we decided that there should be an anti-Thanksgiving...a day to unload all of the whiny grumpiness that tends to creep up during the holidays. So, it is in that spirit that I wish you all a Happy Bitchgiving! Celebrate today, so you can count your blessings tomorrow with a clear heart!

My five:
  1. Time to reflect.
  2. Mental room for some creative endeavors.
  3. Being surprised, pleasantly, by oneself.
  4. Layers.
  5. Singin' and cookin'...a winning combination!


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