11.28.08 Black Friday

No mall time for Rahree today, unless it's solely out of curiosity. Hubby is intending to brave the throngs, and I'm hoping he makes it out alive...with a pair of boots for his upcoming work trip.

Today is all about making a list (and checking it twice!), hanging some lights, finally switching out my summer clothes for my winter duds (I know, I know...it's been on the list for months), getting the guest room ready for CelloGirl, and recovering from a too-long, too strenuous yoga class. Theoretically I love yoga...I'm usually pretty bendy, love the concept of an exercise routine that needs no special gear and can be done in tiny hotel rooms, and like how I usually feel much taller and thinner afterward. But weeks of traveling, a recent focus on running rather than stretching, and an extra half-hour of class time have conspired to turn my poor body into a two-by-four... an achy, sore, stiff two-by-four. I should go back today, to work out some of the soreness, but I think that a little time on the elliptical and a loooooong steam are all I'm going to be able to handle. If that.

If you're shopping today, best of luck to you! And if you don't mind, can you pick up some things for me? Call me...I'll send you my list. :)


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