Yesterday's body count:
  • 1 late train
  • 2 old friends catching-up
  • 1 work drive-by
  • 1 dish of gruyere mac-and-cheese
  • 5 beers
  • 3 bottles of good cabernet
  • 4 suitcases (between two people)
  • 1 skype call to sao paulo, brazil
  • massive amounts of puppy love
  • lights out at 10pm.
It was a lovely, lovely day! (Although this morning I'm pondering the wisdom of all last night's wine.) Today hubby is headed to the mountains for a few days of fun and a few of work, and I'm going to try to convince CelloGirl to stay one more evening, just so we can hang. Plus there's this happening tonight, so I think either way I'll walk down to check it out.

And this week is all about re-entry at work...reconciling expenses, writing contracts for a gajillion projects, getting ready to meet the radio guys for another recording session...and Holiday Sing!


Kim said…
Oh no. Not a work drive-by... say it ain't so!

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