The suitcase is still waaaay too heavy. Another rethink and purge in store for tomorrow morning.

Signs have been printed.

Info sheets, registration sheets, invoice forms and W-9s, all in multiple copies, all in my suitcase. More than a ream of paper...I'm really hoping next year to go greener, although I'm not sure quite how. It's a selfish reason for my green thinking, however...you KNOW I could take another pair of shoes in place of those pesky papers.

Hence the repacking.


Steeler football. At Redskins stadium. Oh. Yeah.

While I may leave early if they toss it in the second half (which, let's be frank, they tend to do), I'll be bleeding black and gold, rather than red or blue this Election eve. A night out on a crisp evening with hubby and friends, cheering on the home team from the local stadium, enjoying a perfect autumn night...what could be a better way to kick off this audition tour?

The last time I saw a Steeler game live was with my Dad. My dad was a serious fan, with a neon sign of the Steeler Logo that he would hang over the garage door, and light up on game days. As kids we weren't allowed to walk in front of the TV during the game, or talk too loudly...in fact, I think we were only allowed to talk during the commercials. We saw the first game in Pittsburgh's new stadium...they opened Heinz Field a week late, after the terrorist attacks of 9.11. We were there, terribly overdressed in a jillion layers, ready for a beer and a bratwurst, only to find out that we were sitting in a corporate box. (My dad tipped the usher a buck to find our seats... a whole dollar. After we entered he laughed "Right now that usher is saying 'cheap bastard!'") The box was on the 50 yard line...the windows slid to the sides so that you could sit in open air if you wanted to, it was catered like no one's business (a dessert cart? hellooooo!), the seats were tiered black leather recliners. It was an upscale experience, and was all the more fun in that it was unexpected. A good time, to be sure, and one of my favorite memories of time spent with my dad.

I'll catch you tomorrow, either en route to Houston or once we're there.

My five:
  1. autumn nights
  2. fiery trees - the colors in our little town are truly spectacular!
  3. excitement
  4. screaming at the top of my lungs without worrying about how it'll affect my singing voice
  5. memories of my dad


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