Before we get started: boy, last night was exciting, huh? (and I'm not talking about our flight into Houston!) We got together with some friends for dinner and watched the results...it was rowdy like watching a playoff game, but with bigger stakes. Crazy, and cool.

Today was crazy and cool, too! We heard our first singers today, for the Studio program. Some familiar faces, and many new ones. It was an auspicious start: hoping that the next few weeks are as exciting! The first day is always a bit of a struggle for me...I start hearing singers with my "teacher ears," listening to the potential, to the malleability of the voice and cuing into the performer's temperament. It's difficult for me to step away from that frame of reference, to judge the audition on its particular merits at that exact time rather than extrapolating what it could be or might be. Gotta be a little more like Simon and a little less like Randy or Paula. And one of my fav baritones, LB, monitored auditions for us: he's so organized and commanding that the whole process ran smoothly...wonder if he'd give up his singing gigs to follow us around the country and keep the singers orderly for us? Hmmm...doesn't hurt to ask, right?

After plane flights, carting luggage around (and for the LIFE of me I can't seem to pack a suitcase that meets the weight limit... and I will not pay that fee for leg #2. I'm not sure how to get around it, but get around it I will!) and sitting for long periods of time, it was time to stretch the ol' legs a little. KPW and I hoofed it around downtown Houston for a little run today. It felt good to be outside and moving, and I think we provided some entertainment for the locals. ("Who are those crazy ladies running around downtown in the middle of the day? There's no air conditioning out here! They must be from out of town...") Plus, now I'm totally justified in a glass of wine or desert with dinner! Oh, yes.

Tomorrow? The first group of "big kids" - the Filene Young Artists. Can't wait!

My five:
  1. the ability to exercise, and the way I feel afterwards
  2. having someone else make my bed
  3. watching history being made with good friends
  4. hearing amazing progress in young singers
  5. challenges


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