11.8.08 LA and LAX

I'm writing this from the Alaska Airlines terminal at Los Angeles airport. Most folks are chatting aminatedly on cell phones, and there are a large number of people who are hopelessly sunburned. I'm a little jealous.

Our time in Los Angeles always seems a little short. We're always greeted by good friends, beautiful weather, and lovely singing, and seem to have just a little too much on our plates to really take advantage of the opportunities.

The picture opposite is of the plaza at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion - a gracious lunch spot, if I've ever seen one! I'm amazed at the public art both here in LA and in Houston...we have great public art in DC, but they're called "memorials" and are dedicated to war heroes and politicians and Presidents. It's nice to see some pieces that are as beautiful, and a little more whimsical.

We heard some very cool singing today, too...lest we forget the real prize of this tour! A wise man said that "there's a little Hollywood in everyone," and it holds decidedly true here...in both good and bad ways. Most resumes we saw showed multifaceted work experience... recordings, acting work, musical theater, bands. I think that it's great to broaden one's depth as a performer, to try things outside your primary specialty...just please remember that the great generalists rarely land that top tier gig: when you're aiming high, you have to actually aim, and narrow your focus. We also saw several folks who knew how to perform their monologues more cleanly than their arias, and vice-versa. Lots of positives to LA, and many more to discover...when we spend more than 28 hours in town.

Sadly, my body clock is hopeless. I can't fall asleep at night, and yet I'm waking up at 5am east coast time. Which is 2am in the town I'm in now. It's pretty ugly, but nothing that multiple nights in the same hotel won't cure. (We're heading to San Francisco, hearing folks at the Opera house tomorrow.) My colleagues and I are all needing a little rest...I'm starting to hum arias when I space out which, after hearing several hours of fully-sung arias each day, is more than a little annoying. Even to me, when I realize what I'm doing. More tomorrow, or even better, Monday when things settle down.

My 5:
  1. courage
  2. artistry
  3. laughter
  4. caffeine
  5. beauty


Unknown said…
Be strong. You can do it. Remember to stash the free shampoo so you get fresh ones each day.

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