audition recap - fashion edition

Ok, so let's do a brief wrap-up of audition clothing trends, things that worked, and things that didn't. Here goes, in no particular order.

  • As a general statement, folks looked more put together than last year... most jersey dresses had sufficient underlayers to disguise lumps, and there were many, many brassieres worn. I applaud you all! And for those of you who chose to jiggle through your audition, well, what else really can I say...

  • Many guys wore an all-black ensemble, with a splash of color. Red was a popular accent, maybe due in small part to this article. It was particularly cute on the coaches, since more than one matched their socks to their tie. Nice touch!
  • Blue was THE color for the ladies this year...lots of royal blue, navy, teal, sky was a lovely change! (I wrote "covet" in my notes next to several of the dresses; there were oodles that were super cute!)

  • Ladies, don't be afraid to wear pants! (especially if it's freezing cold outside.) I'll qualify this by saying that we don't care if you're a soprano or mezzo...I suppose other panels and organizations might, but as 2/3rds of our panel is female, we understand that sometimes it's toooo cold to even entertain the thought of stockings or tights. We saw a beautiful girl in a very trendy, cute pants outfit...slacks, vest, collared shirt, long necklace...she looked polished, put-together, and very current.
  • My one complaint was that many ladies didn't dress for the weather...they came in looking beautiful, but quite chilly. (In Philly, well, everyone was cold.) If it's 40 degrees outside you don't have to wear a strappy party dress to an audition. And, if you have upper arms like I do, it's best to keep them under wraps when they're pasty white...blinding. Remember that it's a weird kind of job interview...something that you feel good in that's professional is all that we ask.
  • 54 women wore black dresses. Some were dressed up with shrugs, tights, - I particularly liked the two ladies who wore red patent leather belts and matching shoes (I know, matchy matchy, but in this situation it looked great). And I am 100% guilty of wearing black ever single day...I have a difficult time buying anything that has any color, so I feel your pain. But one sixth of the total folks we heard for the Filene Young Artist auditions walked in the door in an outfit that did little to set them apart. Several ladies sang the same audition (they picked the same first tune, and we asked for the same second piece - not necessarily on purpose, but the second tune was what we needed to hear) in the same outfit (black wrap dress).
Overwhelmingly more positive than last year, right? Pat yourselves on the back!

My five:
  1. Lazy Monday morning...I'm pretending that it's Sunday again.
  2. Reunions. I've caught up with friends from undergrad and grad school in the last week, and another good friend is visiting after the's been wonderful to see everyone and catch up!
  3. Getting back into a routine.
  4. Setting new personal goals.
  5. My kitchen... I've missed cooking and baking! And it's almost pierogi time...


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