Studio Auditions

After lots and lots of great singing, we finished hearing folks for our Studio this afternoon. Here's a list of things I've found interesting in the Studio auditions, from a rep standpoint.

Regarding art song: we included this repertoire in the Studio requirements purposefully, as these vignettes often show us volumes about your musicianship and acting skills. Don't forget that we were once in conservatory, toiling away on art songs! Many of these songs are not only beautiful, but hold fond memories for the panel...don't be afraid to bring them in.

Black Max from Bolcom's Cabaret Songs.

Sexy Lady by Ben Moore. A great song for high lyric mezzos...if pants roles are your thing, this is such fun!

Not an art song, but Meine Lippen sie kussen so heiss by Franz Lehar is a great little piece that makes us smile.

And of course I'm always game to hear a tune or two from John Musto's Shadow of the Blues

If you're looking for a monologue (and let's be honest, who isn't at least a little intimidated by choosing one, to say nothing of the performing!), here are a few ideas that we've enjoyed.

Sara Goodman's monologue from A.A. by Maddie Hicks. It turns on a dime, but we heard a great version of this on an early audition day.

Frederick's monologue preceding "Later" from A Little Night Music. If you're really game, you can go right from the monologue into the piece...

Anything by Neil Simon is always good by me... real people, real reactions.

There are a number of cuttings from Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

But don't feel obligated to only use straight plays for source material. We saw a compelling Lloyd Dobler this afternoon in NYC.

Tonight's a work night, although due to a stiff neck and back I am in a colleague's room in my sweats, rather than work clothes. (Opera never sleeps! Although I'd like to. Soon.) Tomorrow? Filene Young Artist auditions during the day, and a reunion with some old friends from college in the evening.

My five:
  1. understanding colleagues.
  2. the masseuse at the Feline... she saved my life this evening.
  3. surprises in the audition room.
  4. funny messages from hubby.
  5. Perugina dark chocolate and caramel bars. Lovely....


Anonymous said…
any background information of maddie hicks ??
rahree said…
Sadly, none other than A.A. and several online monologue resources.

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