Today is soooooo Monday.
CelloGirl and I went to a great show last night, and then sat up chatting way too late, especially in light of her early-morning flight back to Las Vegas this morning. We set alarms for 5:30am and tried to catch some sleep.




Oh yes, jackhammers. A block away. 75 minutes before my way-too-early alarm.

So, not a terribly auspicious beginning to my Monday morning. Couple that with a gray, dreary day and the first day back in the office since the end of the audition tour and, well, Crabby McGrumperson is back. Just hoping to make it through today without melting or losing my mind.

In other news, NaBloPoMo is finito. Whew! Thanks for sticking with me through the last month...I'll still be posting, although probably not quite as frequently. And, perhaps, I'll actually have more content. But let's not get crazy...

Today's Five
  1. Laughing with old friends. (something that's blessed me in a particular way over the last month - it's been awesome!)
  2. Warm everything bagels.
  3. Committed, talented performers, across genres.
  4. Silly pets.
  5. Routine.


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