So here's what I've been doing the last few weeks, the pictoral version!

Homemade cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving staycation. With some citrus, vanilla, and garam masala...not for everyone, but it was pretty good!

Union Station in DC, one of the most civilized places from which to travel.

Rachael and I at the bar well before 5pm...old habits and all that...

Throw the frisbee, Mama! It feels like summer outside! (and indeed it did... it was over 60 degrees on December 10th in the DC area...while Houston was seeing snow. Weird.)

Makin' radio at WETA...

...and my alter ego, hanging by the research workstation.

Here's what I've been doing today...

...and, as you can see, my sous chefs are less than helpful.

Posting will be light for the next few weeks...this holiday season is totally kicking my butt on a personal level, and it's not really the time of year to share these not-so jolly feelings. So, consider my relative silence my personal gift to you. :)


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