12.7.08 weekend roundup

I had grand plans for the weekend, and while the weekend is turning out to be sufficiently grand, the plans that I was hoping to accomplish have come to, well, naught. Lesson 1: be flexible!

I played piano in public yesterday, a task that freaks me out a little until the first 5-6 minutes have passed...I'm always surprised that I don't forget how to play. Sure, my chops are non-existent, but I still know how to read music, can support a young singer, can improve each time through the piece. Three hours later I left the class feeling energized, and thoughtful. How do I get more of the music-making back into my every-day life? I'll be working on that one over the next few weeks.

Went to the grocery store with 5 million of my closest friends - seriously, it was MADNESS. Came home and made a vat of potato soup. A metric ton. And ate most of it. By the time Boo and I went walking it had started to snow...and there was something calming, and more than a little magical about walking through a light snow at dusk. It was pretty incredible.

This morning I'm not moving quite as quickly...it's windy and cold outside [the chimes on the porch sound lovely, though!], and I'm procrastinating on walking the hound. He's pretty insistent, though...we'll be going soon. (For a look at how other folks start their days, check this out.)Then a trip to the gym, and bundling up for an afternoon spent outside at work. If you're free, come sing with us! It'll totally put you in the holiday spirit! After that I'll run home, quickly thaw out, and head to Bethesda to a holiday party hosted by some good friends. Yay.

List? Undone. Gifts? Unmade, unpurchased...heck, largely unidentified. State of mind? Happily content. Hoping you're surfing the holiday stress.

Today's five:
  1. Thinsulate boots.
  2. Hats - they keep the cold air out, and the scary bedhead under wraps. Whew!
  3. Snow.
  4. Excuses for festivity.
  5. New traditions.


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