It's springtime!

Well, it feels like springtime...I kicked off my boots at lunchtime, stepped into my grubby old Keds and played some serious frisbee with the dog. (Sorry that I tossed your toy onto the roof, Boo! I'll get you a new one tomorrow! And maybe I'll learn to not throw like a girl...) My childhood winters were filled with snow...snow to the rafters, in huge drifts between sidewalk and street, so in many ways my winters south of the Mason Dixon line feel totally surreal.

But I'm getting used to them. :)

I celebrated the mild weather by throwing open the windows for the afternoon, and taking a long walk with the hound after work. Lovely... it makes me want to push right past the holidays and wake up in April...preferably with longer hair and a smaller tush.

Today was a brainstorming day at of the days where a big idea has to be chopped into smaller pieces and researched/turned over and about/what-if'ed to death to see what the best solutions are. I like these days...there's a creative element to the problem solving and research that I dig. And it's only the first...this process will continue into the spring months. But I'm ready for the spring...

I'm not making New Years resolutions this year, as there's something about the scope of resolutions that make them seem too big, too insurmountable. But I do have some things I've decided to work on for the next several months, in a few categories...hey, at the very least it'll keep me out of trouble, right?
  • get into a gym routine. my first real training session is tomorrow afternoon. we'll see if I can move on Wednesday! and along with that...
  • a 10k or half-marathon this spring. I'm looking into races...anyone care to join in?
  • start teaching again. my spring class will be on the books soon! yay!
  • make an amateur, non-classical recording...i've found a few tunes, and am starting to scribble down some of my own. they may never see the light of day, but it's the process that's important, right?

The category that I'm still looking into is, loosely defined, giving back. There are so many ways to volunteer, but I want to find something that really resonates with on the lookout!

My five:
  1. being in an unseasonable frame of mind.
  2. Hiro on Heroes...nice to see another Pollyanna, even if he's fictional.
  3. cranberry spiced vodka...have you been naughty or nice?
  4. the ocarina app for the iPhone...ingenious and totally addicting.
  5. Frey's A Million Little Pieces... totally rocked my world, regardless of whether it's fact, fiction or an amalgam of the two.

A special shout out to SingleGirl - sending good thoughts to you tomorrow!


vkwheels said…
what's wrong with short hair?
rahree said…
you know I love short hair! Just trying something new...until I can't stand it and cut it all off :)
Paul said…
Wow. We didn't make it above 0 yesterday in the Land of Ice and Snow. Needless to say, I'm a bit jealous :-)

I know what you mean about New Year's Resolutions, and I think you're going about it in a much smarter way.

And I would be totally jazzed to hear your tunes. Have fun with that -- I'm behind ya 1000%!
Anonymous said…
Awwww, my own shout out! Thanks for the happy thoughts.

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