Putting all my eggs in 2009's basket.

Oh, 2009, you and I are going to get along swimmingly...

Last year, on the cusp of 2008, Hubby and I were exploring San Francisco, buying wine we couldn't afford, getting grumpy when the kids started throwing elbows at a NYE concert, and generally wishing we were home with the cat and dog, being lame. But we didn't mention to anyone that we'd prefer to be lame because, well, that'd be super lame.

This year, on the cusp of 2009, I embrace my inner lame-ass.

I am curled up on the couch, two (two! go, me!) blankets and one cuddly kitty on my lap. The dog has already gone to bed. I have a glass of wine (number two of the evening...may get to number three) on the sill, and instead of making lobster risotto and pomegranate martinis, which would've required prep and work, we ordered pizza.

See? Laaaaame.

I will not make it up to midnight this year. I'm not going to celebrate with the neighbors, or with friends at the Naked Cougar. Not that I wouldn't really enjoy either option - but instead I'm going to bid 2008 an early adieu, and when I wake up it'll be 2009.

An icy cold, clean slate. A good thing.

The year of the Ox begins on January 26th. I'm an ox (no jokes, please), so a year devoted to me and my kind sounds pretty darn good!

And I'll turn 36 this year. Years that end in 5s have not traditionally been good to me...maybe not terrible, but I think that 36 and I will be better suited for each other.

And I'm in a good place...good hubby, comfy house, fun job, silly pets, good friends.

So think fondly of me 2009 - I'll be daydreaming of you!


You may consider that to be a "lame" ending to 2008, but it sounds perfect to me!!
rahree said…
glad to know I'm in good company - happy 2009!

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