Taking stock

I had coffee with SingleGirl this morning, as it's been calendar years since I've seen her (OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it felt like a loooong time). It was great to just catch up, see her well on the road to health, and compare notes over the various holiday celebrations. During our conversation she asked me what my goals, (resolutions, plans... I forget her exact word) were for the upcoming year.

Well, if 2008 has taught me anything, it's that plans go awry.

I've been incredibly blessed in 2008...reconnected with some wonderful people from my past, seen a fabulous summer season come and go, found a little strength that I didn't know I had...bought a lovely new house, trained for a 5k, made flavored vodka... taught an adult class, tried to grow my hair out, made friends. There's been a lot of good things that have happened.

But, honestly, I have to say that I'll be relieved when 2008 is history. I'm still looking forward to the possibilities of 2009 in my usual Pollyanna style... and I'm trying to let those possibilities be huge, electric, exciting, rather than letting them be tempered and by reality and loss.

So the next few days will consist of appreciating what I have, nailing down what's important, thinking about what I want, and trying to figure out how to get there. Any advice and insight is, as always, appreciated!

My five:
  1. Flip flops in December...enjoying the calm before the storm!
  2. Long walks with the pup.
  3. Company and coffee - a lurvely combination!
  4. Winter skies.
  5. Open windows.


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