Where grown-ups work.

This is my office, when I'm in full-on work mode.

It's a total disaster.

In fact, the word "tidy" has never been an accurate descriptor for yours truly.

But there's always music on the piano, cards from friends, pictures of loved ones, projects layered two and three deep, and quite a bit of detritus that consists solely of things-I-think-I-might-need.



But today was my last day of work in 2008. And in order that I might start 2009 in a better, more organized fashion, I purged.

The set of Grove Music dictionaries and the photo slides went into the new library annex (HUZZAH for the extra space!), fiction books went into a bag to go home, classical CDs went into the library... you get the picture. (I thought about stringing up the multicolored Christmas lights up around the perimeter, and turning them on to see if anyone would notice over the holiday...but the voice of reason in the neighboring office helped me see the folly of that thought...) So now, when I return to my office in 2009, this is what it'll look like:

It looks like it's not my office.

But at least I have room to start tarting it up again.


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