1.31.09 inspiration and olio

Lots of things that I want to address briefly today, and a dwindling amount of time to do so. So here's the snapshot version.

  • After seeing the Mark Morris Dance Group at the KenCen on Thursday and the Miro String Quartet at The Barns on Friday, I'm feeling like Christmas came waaaay early. The level of artistry, the beautiful strength of the performers, of the performances...it was an embarrassment of riches. I feel like a bit of a better person for having seen both events.
  • The sunsets the last few days have been just incredible...fiery, with deep blues and pinks thrown into the mix. And, as sunset creeps later by the minute, pup and I are afforded more times to bask in them.
  • I ran three miles today. And it was slow, but it didn't kill me - in fact, I feel a little more energized having done so. Hot. Damn. Who would've thought I be saying that?? Not me, that's for sure!
  • And, in related news, down six pounds from when I started before the holidays. I'm pretty psyched!
  • Tomorrow please don't call the house or my cell after 6pm. In case you haven't noticed, from all the ads and news programs, tomorrow is the super bowl. And I may in fact be making pierogi for the second time in as many months...may these little Polish hands help usher in another Steelers victory!!
Ok, running to clean up, visit a friend and teach a few lessons. Have a great Saturday!

  1. good surprises.
  2. help when you need it.
  3. coconut shower gel. Mmmmm....
  4. being productive.
  5. down time.



It's intermission #2 during the Mark Morris performance at the Kennedy Center. And I am awed, inspired, and humbled. Hats off to BMcD! Tickets still available Friday, but reports say that Saturday's sold out already. Mozart, beautiful abstract art, and dance that'll make you so happy- run and get tickets!!

1. The ability to move, elegantly or not.
2. Mozart. He da man.
3. Good conversation.
4. Seeing my clothes worn well by others. :)
5. Inspiration.


1.28.09 we're having weather!

Dog + Snow = JOY!!!

We've had two days of snow followed by freezing rain.

Boo loves it all.

He has trekked through every snowdrift, snurfled countless patches of yellow snow, and tackled me when it's JUST TOO AWESOME TO STAAAANNNDDD! Which was roughly every five minutes. Seriously. And now that the snow is ice-covered, it crunches as he prances...he sounds like a tiny horse as he gallops after the frisbee. Heigh-ho, Silver!

(And if you're dealing with ice on a regular basis like we tend to in Virginny, let me recommend these. LaJefa first turned me on to them, and without them there'd be large butt-prints around my neighborhood, from me slipping and falling on my keister. Maybe I should bill Public Works since I've totally saved them major cracks in the sidewalks...)

Work is on a delay, which means that I have a few hours of found time...second cup of coffee, breakfast, a chat with a newly-rediscovered friend. But what to do with the extra time? Run to the store for crock-pot fixins? Skate to the gym? Do a load of laundry? All of the above? None of the above? I can't decide.

Small steps...going to get that second cup of coffee...

My five:
  1. Found time.
  2. Facebook chat.
  3. Oatmeal with cinnamon and toasted walnuts.
  4. The coven of crows that woke me up...seriously had to be hundreds. At dawn. Awesome.
  5. Daydreaming.


1.27.09 a challenge

I've written about my struggles with the gym, with food and weight. (actually I never struggle with food...I struggle with the results of eating too much of it. It's a small difference, but nonetheless...) And so, to motivate myself, I'm holding a 5k.

That's right. You heard me.

On Saturday, February 28, at 9am outside of DC, I'll be hosting the Rahree 5k. And, if you live around DC, I'm inviting you! The route will be a mix of road, sidewalk and trail, and there will be as few hills (uh, duh...) as possible. I'll email the route to as many people as want to join in. Because I'm the organizer and also a beginner, I will not take registrations from people who will kick my ass on purpose. Accidentally? No problem - I hope you find your inner running god/goddess while we're pounding the pavement, and that we see you break from the pack in a cloud of dust. But smack talk my thunder thighs and you are out!

And, if things go well, there might be brunch waiting at Chez Rahree post-run. Mmmm...mimosas...

If you don't live in the DC area but want to join in, let me know a starting place and I'll plan a 5k for you in your town, so you can run along with us!

Intrigued? Leave me a comment and I'll put you on the list. And if you're interested, here's the link for the training program I used. Since it's only five weeks away this 8 week program might not be your thing, but you might be able to compress it a bit.

My five:
  1. Snow. The only reason that cold weather should exist. (and yes, I am hoping for a snow day, even though I'm no longer teaching...old habits die hard!)
  2. Heating pads. The ol' office was freezy today!
  3. Baked tofu. Rationally, I shouldn't like it, but I reeeeeeally do. Gross.
  4. Goals.
  5. Food porn. TV shows, internet sites, love them all... in my next life I'm soooo going to be a pastry chef.


1.26.09 Unbridled joy

This weekend I took Boo to the dog food store. It's a little shop on the main drag in our town, sandwiched in between a bike shop and a bank. It's a few short blocks from our house, but we don't walk past it terribly often because, frankly, Boo can't tell time. We'll walk past at 6:30am, and he'll park his fanny down in front of the doors.

And sit.

And sit.

And stare at the rows of rawhides and plushy toys and things he's never allowed to have. And he's content to be there for a period of time that, at 6:30am on a January day, feels quite punishing to the almost-hairless half of the walking duo.
But on Saturday afternoon, we were out for a walk, and I needed to get dog and cat food and treats, and thought "Why not? Let's go to the dog food store!"

We walked in and it was doggie Christmas. The clerks fawned over him! There were huge rawhide bones at nose height! There was another dog in the store to sniff! THERE WAS A SALE ON PLUSHY HOLIDAY TOYS!!! My man wagged and wiggled and cavorted through the aisles, stole several goodies (that I made sure to pay for), and totally fell apart for some first-class belly scratching.

Boo loves soft toys...plush, soft rubber, things that are easy to tear up. (Like my flip-flops and my favorite peep-toe black cork-soled wedges. But that's a post for another, less generous day.) so I picked up one of these for him while he was terrorizing the clerks.

You would've thought that he won the doggie lottery.

As soon as I take it out of the cupboard, he's trying to chew it. (we keep the toys in the cupboard because, even though they have an indestructable refund policy, my guy can still destroy almost anything in a few short minutes. See the earlier paragraph regarding shoes.) I throw it for him, and he's so pleased to have caught it/found it/ have it in his teeth that he bounces back to me. He rolls around on it, shakes it like he's trying to kill it, and looks absolutely heartbroken when it's time to go back into the house.

So the question that I'm asking myself - and you as well, gentle readers - is when is the last time you felt such unbridled joy? And if it's been a while, how are you going to find it? Because, if it feels half as good as Boo says it does, it's totally worth seeking out. I'm on the lookout.

My five:
  1. Boo...life gets better when I listen to what he's "telling" me.
  2. OTC medications. I am NOT getting sick.
  3. The escapism a good book offers.
  4. Take out. I love not having to do dishes.
  5. Sculpture.


1.25.09 sooo random

So much writing, so little content...I give you LINKS!

I love this. I own no vinyl, but after seeing this I really, really wish I did!

This is the next book we're reading for book club. I'm so psyched! Question: what kind of appetizers does one prepare for the ladies when a tome on cannabalism is on the evening's agenda? Discuss.

I was on the elliptical for far too long today, and a documentary on BTK (the serial killer from Wichita) was on the tube. Boy, of all the days to leave the iPod at home... I read all the Steven King books when I was a kid, but I find the real-life prospects much too terrifying to deal with.

I subscribe to this site in my feed reader, but as the economy tanks it's looking more like a train wreck than an idle pasttime...I'm starting to feel a little embarassed...

I love the way Mimi signs off on each post. I'd like to be as witty as she is. I'll settle for reading her blog and not working so hard.

Rewatching The DaVinci Code. I first saw this actor in La femme Nikita (an AWESOME flick, btw. And don't bother with the English language remake), and love it when he pops up in a film.

Lazy, aimless, wonderful day today...tomorrow will be all about errands, laundry, and hopefully a new recipe. Careful - the excitement might hurt you!

My five:
  1. A soft, comfy bed.
  2. Looking hopefully forward.
  3. Mythology, both the codified and the personal.
  4. Dark purple, one-coat, quick drying nail polish. No more naked toes!
  5. Possibility.


1.24.09 - Interview!

SingleGirl posted this interview, and I sent her a comment saying "Pick me!"

She did. And now I realize that the answering is not so easy... she came up with some difficult questions, that girl!

Questions from SingleGirl:

1. If you have to identify one key ingredient to your successful marriage, what is it?

Maybe that I don't define it as "successful"... it's dynamic, and for me putting a name on it might freeze the expectation, like saying since it's successful then as a result we don't have to work at it. We do. Sometimes Hubby and I work really well together, sometimes we're out of sync, just like any two friends/partners. But we can tell when the other needs shoring up, special attention, and we're pretty good at taking care of each other that way. And I also feel that we make the choice every day to be married and committed to each other... I choose every day to be with him, not with someone else, not alone, and to be a partner, not a liability or an obstacle. I'm sometimes not as good at that last part, but I try...

2. How do you define good art?

Good art makes me feel something. It's not always something that I want to feel, or a perspective that I want to see, and it doesn't always hit me in the moment...but it takes me out of my daily experience, makes me feel something larger than my day-to-day life.

3. You’ve blogged about both the ways that you have a positive (loving to cook) and negative (emotional eating) relationship with food. How will you know you’ve made peace with your relationship with food and, as a result, your body image?

Oh, wow...I'm not sure if that day will ever come. I don't feel like it's a box that I'll someday get to check off. Food has always been a reward for me, and cooking and food really facilitated my adult relationship with my dad: sharing recipes, finding an excellent bottle of wine, savoring every bite. I loved being his sous-chef during the holidays! But my dad struggled with his weight, and had gastric bypass a few years before he passed away...even after the surgery he had a love for food, but had to be constantly in control of what and how much he ate. I can totally see myself getting like big like he was, and actually put on 20 pounds over the past year dealing with his death. But I'm trying to find more balance...to work out more than eat, to sweat instead of stuff. It's so much a process, but I guess I'll consider it successful if I'm able to get into a routine where physical activity is an equal reward to a nice glass of wine or piece of chocolate, and I can enjoy both without going overboard.

4. You choose 5 good things/thoughts from each day. What about the days you struggle to narrow the list of good things down and the days you scratch the bottom of the barrel for the good?

I'm a Pollyanna - I usually can think of many, many things I'm thankful for. Sometimes, when I'm feeling sorry for myself it's more difficult, but let's be honest: I have a roof, a full belly, I'm loved and warm... I could probably walk a mile or two and find people who couldn't lay claim to those same comforts. Counting my blessings is easy, even though often the things I'm thankful for are on the shallow side...

5. You recently moved into a new house. In which moment did it become not a house, but a home?

We moved in on my birthday, so it felt like a special thing from the first day (although note to hubby and any men who read this: moving on my birthday does not count as giving me a present!); and because it was during our busy season at work, I was busting a move to get everything set up. That evening our good friends surprised us stopped by, and we ordered pizza and drank beer and champagne in our new house to celebrate moving day and birthday. I took a moment, coming in from the kitchen to look at hubby and my friends, relaxing and chatting, surrounded by clutter and boxes and empty walls, and knew that we were home. I get a little teary thinking about it.

Bonus: You are handed $300 in cash. You have to spend it over your lunch hour today (my questions, my rules!). What do you buy?

Three hundred free dollars? Woo-HOO! I should do something grand with it, donate it to charity, buy my mom or hubby a surprise or something. But I'm feeling a little selfish today, so I'm going to spend it like this:

$80 - New shoes. Probably a DSW buy, but maybe not...

$80 - Levinger. A new pen and paper...some combination that makes writing a tactile pleasure, maybe stationery so that I can send friends real letters, rather than emails. That'd be lovely.

$40 - Music - a new CD or an iTunes purchase, preferably something I can sing along with in the kitchen or that will make me move on the treadmill. (any suggestions?)

$20 - Bottle of wine - naturally :)

$80 - Groceries to cook with - something exotic from Whole Foods that I've never worked with, maybe...I love an excuse to have company over to eat! Or maybe I'll skip cooking tonight and take hubby to the sushi place around the corner from the house. Mmmm...

If you'd like to play along, just follow these instructions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. Be sure you link back to the original post.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

My five:

  1. Friends who make me think and challenge me - thanks, SingleGirl!
  2. Coming home after a late rehearsal to a tidy house - thanks, hubby!
  3. Watching middle school students dance to Pat Benatar...makes me feel less old. And love really is a battlefield, especially when you're 13...
  4. Having professional excuses to reconnect with friends.
  5. Home improvement TV. Second only to food porn....I mean, cooking shows.



I'm in rehearsal, testing out a blogging app for my iPhone...is it working?



It's Inauguration Day!

This is the first Inauguration that I've lived through in proximity to DC... we moved here in 2002, and our first fall was solidly in the first term of George W. (It was also the autumn of the Beltway Snipers, but who's keeping track?)

The excitement, even out here in the 'burbs, is palpable. Whether you voted for him or not, there's a feeling of hope in the air. It's tempered with a fair amount of skepticism, let's be honest. But things really do feel...well, different.

With history changing on my doorstep, I'm keeping my distance from the District...but I will be glued to the tube. (Traffic, between the ceremonies and all those who are trying to get to work, will be simply atrocious. Better to watch on TV than listen from my car radio on the highway.) Fuzzy slippers, coffee, cat and dog curled up in close proximity...watching history in the making. Pretty cool.

My five:
  1. Choices.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Smartwool socks.
  4. Jacuzzi tubs.
  5. New wiggle room in my clothes - yay!


1.19.09 - early birthday

I love birthdays. As much as we try to make light of them, or ignore them as the numbers creep upward, they're special. Having a day where your friends and family tell you that they're happy you were born? Rather than a day where they tell you that they're happy that you stopped using that annoying fake British accent, or that you dumped that loser with the scooter or that you paid them back all the money you owed them? It's actually pretty cool... My favorite birthday memory was in third grade...my dad & mom found a student who moonlighted as a magician, and he visited my classroom (a few weeks before my actual birthday...the curse of summer babies!) and pulled a bouquet of feather flowers out of my ear!

Coolest. Thing. Ever.

We had friends over last night to watch the Steeler game and to hang with the birthday boy...poor hubby has to work on his birthday, which also just happens to be Inauguration Day. The game was terribly exciting - I think everyone's still worried for the injured Raven Willis McGahee, but watching Troy Polamalu dance around the field like some crazed dancer was so cool!

I made a big pot of chili, and Shaps & Daisygirl brought over hors d'oeuvres, fritos (for the chili, naturlich!) and a birthday cake for hubby. We ate and drank too much, yelled at the tv (and totally freaked out the dog), and by 9:30 were all drowsing in our chairs from the warmth and the food.

Lame, and lovely.

But the icing on the cake? Wrapped in shiny red paper this morning, a day early, hubby got a Wii. And the wifey even hooked it up for him.

...aaaaand let him win at golf.

Happy birthday, honey. A day early.

My Five:
  1. Hubby
  2. Chicken spinach pesto pizza. Almost virtuous.
  3. Hubby narrating his wrestling matches with Boo. "I am a cuff-hating motherf*cker."
  4. House Hunters International. Daydreams-R-Us.
  5. Another day of vacation - thanks, bosses!



Ok, so if you're reading this, you're reading post #501.

Hot. Damn.

Should I write about how much I've enjoyed writing? How keeping this little blog helped me through a job transition, an endless house-hunt, an exploding puppy, the loss of my father, a mid-season move and two long audition trips? That in writing this I've made and lost friends, gained and lost the same 10 pounds countless times, grown a little older and hopefully a tad wiser?

I probably should.

But instead I kinda just want to bitch about the cold, talk about how this "Crusoe" show that I'm watching is really pretty terrible but the actors are exceptionally good-looking, grumble that my hairdresser totally butched me, (Seriously, it's the same hairdo that I had in the late 70s. When I was in first grade. Thirty years ago. Come ON.) and praise See's candies for making the best coconut buttercream ever.

But I'll split the difference...while I won't wax about the reasons that I started this blog or bitch about the lack of hair on my neck while it's 40,000 degrees below zero, I will say a hearty and heartfelt thank you to those of you who read this, even when the content is, well, quite thin. (I know, you're thinking "Hey, isn't the content always thin?" The answer is, of course, "Yes.") Thanks for the comments, the validation, the reality checks. I appreciate that you've joined me on this journey, even though one of us obviously left the map at home. :)

And yes, I'm looking at you.

My five:
  1. Blog-readin' friends.
  2. Having a warm kitty curled up on my lap.
  3. Eschewing the "scene" for a bath and early bedtime.
  4. Gift candy...it tastes so much better than the candy you buy yourself.
  5. Sore muscles.


1.16.09 Found time

Full plate today, starting with rehearsal across town (for those of you not from DC, "across town" means "hope your travel mug is full, because it's gonna take all morning to get to your destination.") before heading into the office.

But wait!

Sadly, the teacher I'm helping got food poisoning. In a big way. Poor thing.

No rehearsal this morning.

So, instead of running around, trying desperately to get out of the house by 7:15am, I am happily ensconced on the couch, dog at my feet, cup of coffee#2 on the table next to me. Hair's dry, spackle - er, makeup - applied, socks on and toasty. Watching the story about the plane that landed in the Hudson (How was I so busy yesterday that almost this escaped my notice?) Crazy!) and feeling so good about the outcome - yay, survival!

As you head into the weekend, I hope that, somewhere along the way, you find an hour or two that you don't expect.

My five:
  1. furnaces. how cow it's cold out!
  2. hazelnut coffee.
  3. walking at dawn...the most beautiful skies.
  4. routines.
  5. friends.


1.15.09 I promise I'll post more than glorified lists soon...

The last few days have been a mixed bag of sorts... lots of things to do at work, but most everything has to wait for approval, language, further negotiation...my to do list is totally stagnant.

I hate that.

I've started to put easy stuff on the to-do list. Eat breakfast - Check! Get the mail - Check! I can't wait to really start crossing things off my list.

Yesterday was gross...started the day with a poke in the eyeball, and ended it with a ruined batch of pad thai. Really, the less said about the day the better.

This morning? Rahree made a new start! Yoga at 6am...I was one of just two folks in the class, and it was a nice, easy hatha class. And it snowed on the way over...not enough to stick, but just enough to be super pretty.

Work was good, although I was sad to miss the twins.

I spent this afternoon back at the old school...the school that I left in a hurry when I took this job. They ask me back periodically to work with singers, play rehearsals and performances.

I am always surprised at the energy when I walk in the room. It's like a strange mixture of excitement, hope, angst and, well, hormones.

Lots and lots of hormones.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to feeling a little drunk after a few hours in that atmosphere!

One of my favorite kids stopped by to visit when he found out I was on campus. It was more than a little trippy to see him grown up, talking about college and Vegas trips, but it made me terribly happy.

Top the evening off with conversation and dinner with a good friend, and today is officially light years away from yesterday. And, as SingleGirl says, 2009 is our year...today it really started to feel like it, in a quiet, balanced, fun way.

(I just wish that I hadn't started to nod into my crabcake before 8pm... )

Tomorrow's shaping up to be a long but good day...8am rehearsal, work in the afternoon, a coaching with a high school student in the evening, followed by an awesome concert.

Today's five:
  1. Polarfleece. Because, have you noticed? It's cold.
  2. Ecuadorian sweets. You know you're jealous.
  3. Puppy love...nothing says "You're awesome!" like a wiggly dogger.
  4. Four-day weekends.
  5. Bed. Good night, Gracie.



Short post...sniffly, achy Rahree. Stayed home from work like a good girl so's not to spread the germs around. Cleaned, napped, made the bed, made supper... and drank wine when the neighbors stopped by. Can I say again how much I love our neighborhood? It's a good day to be a little under the weather, I s'pose!

Heading to bed, but here are some things that I'm sharing with you. Because I'm nice (or mean...) like that.

  1. This is the clip that made me stop hating Tom Cruise.
  2. This is a cool site for bookworms that AP turned me on to - thanks, lady!
  3. This is a show that you should come see with me!
  4. And this is another show that you should come see with me! Two shows in one month...pretty crazy, I know...
  5. This is my fav cooking/food porn site. And I've actually made some stuff that's pretty tasty from them, too! Bonus points for tastiness!
And my five:
  1. Ugly shoes. I caved. My blood is thin, and I'm cold, dangit. And i lurve them sooooo much.
  2. Watching my hubby laugh until he can't make a sound. Thank you, Les Grossman.
  3. Having Inauguration Day off. Wheeeee!
  4. Having an excuse to play piano - thanks, SSSAS!
  5. Not having weather infringe on my morning commute...I can still leave the house at 8:52 and make it in time.



Aaaahhh....Saturday morning...

Big cup of hazelnut coffee, some blog surfing and morning news shows... sunshine just peeking over the horizon...and hubby has taken the dog out twice already this morning! it's a two-hat day, to be sure (the number of hats is in direct correlation to the temperature and wind chill...two hats for temps below freezing), but there's still a nice long walk with pup in store, and my hour-long, kick-my-abs pilates session later this morning.

It's shaping up to be a lovely day!

I'm happy the work week is over...after two solid weeks away from the office, re-entry can be a bit of a challenge. I sat in on my first union negotiation on Friday, and while it was beyond nice to see friendly, familiar faces across the table, it was bittersweet to go into the meeting without having talked about it with Dad...as a Labor guy, he was a great resource for his Management daughter.

One of the great things about a slower pace at work, however, is having a little extra time to read. Some of the books that I've read recently that I can recommend:
  • Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus' Childhood Friend - Christopher Moore. Not for those with no sense of humor, this is a silly take on the 30 years of Jesus' life that aren't documented in the Bible. There's an angel addicted to soap operas, schoolboy crushes on Mary, and the origin of Judo explained....what's not to love?
  • Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortensen. A moving true story about a life-changing curveball thrown in the shadow of K2.
  • Remember Me? Sophie Kinsella. A great beach book...wish that I had been at the beach to read it. Or a pool...would've settled for a pool, too...
  • The Book of Vice - Peter Sagal. Why are vices so compelling? An entertaining exploration.
  • A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard - James Frey. You didn't read them the first time around because of the Oprah memoir scandal. They are so worth reading...if you're struggling with anything (and hey, it's January...I know you're dieting even if you're not admitting it) you'll find a kind of solidarity in these pages.
I'm halfway through Prep, which is flashing me back to my teaching days, and looking to start Devil in the White City shortly.

Today's five:
  1. Free time.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Challenges.
  4. Nesting.
  5. Friends.
Edited to add: Why, oh why do I rail in my deepest heart against exercise when I feel this good afterward? Can this old dog ever learn a new trick? Geez... Pilates was awesome, and I feel 6 feel tall. Je l'adore.



I have been called out, and this is my formal pledge.

No. More. Whining.

(For at least a few days, VKW. I promise.)

I got up early (on this gray, 38degree, soaking rain-filled day) and went to the gym. Yay, me!! I finally started back up on the 5k training course, and am digging it more...while I still don't really like it while I'm doing it, I'm able to run more consistently and a hair faster. It's kinda cool. Tomorrow I meet with my trainer, and on Saturday I'm taking a solo Pilates Class...my abs are sore just thinking about it, although using the machines feels more like playtime than working out. I'm thinking of starting a little athletic tradition...watch here for news.

I had lunch with a colleague today. We've worked together since I started this job, but because her business provides a service for us, I hadn't met her face-to-face before. But I knew her voice...focused, distinctive, with a pronounced Jersey accent. The woman that belonged to the voice? Teeny-tiny, coiffed, manicured, Coach-bagged, and suited...all of the things I traditionally am not. But, due to the craptastic weather, she was sporting a pair of loud paisley wellies. It was super cute! We had a great conversation, and the meeting went quite well...note to self - don't draw conclusions.

I read this article in the Washington Post a while ago, but it still provokes a strong reaction in me. I wish that the folks who don't know or aren't involved in the arts would read it and extrapolate all of the need and potential loss. I hope that they'll also realize that the need and loss won't be solely financial...

If you're in the DC area next Friday, you should totally check this out. Not only will it be a lovely evening, but afterwards you can ask yourself "how do those fabulous singers do it with two newborn twins at home?" Srsly...a tutorial on beautiful music-making while amazingly sleep-deprived.

Work-wise, we're prepping for a February workshop. I'm excited: my first WT experience was during the premiere of this team's first opera, so I'm anxious to hear the new music, and doubly excited to have opera in the building before May! Whee!

Homewise, we're trying to keep the labrador (bred to swim - keep in mind) out of the storm drains and run-off trenches. Unsuccessfully. It seems like the more rain we get, the more sniffing he needs to do...like the pee-mail on the telephone post is fading, and he needs to spend serious quality time with it before it's gone. The upshot? No sense in mopping the pawprints off the floor when more rain's coming, right? Pretend it's a faux-finish...

So, gentle readers, I'm curled up on the couch after a spaghetti dinner, blanket on my lap, glass of wine on the sill...time to put the computer down. G'night, all!

My five:
  1. Socks.
  2. Godiva truffles.
  3. Dr. Cox on Scrubs.
  4. Tea.
  5. Stories.



The weather is conspiring against me.

In my head it's sunny and cool, it's light after 5:02pm, and there's enough time to work, work out, walk the dog, and maybe run an errand or two. In essence, it's April.

In reality? It's barely above freezing. But it's far enough above freezing that it's raining instead of snowing. My sump pump (I'm thankful for it - don't get me wrong) is working overtime. In essence, it's March. In Pittsburgh.

I moved out of Pittsburgh, darnit..

I want to curl up instead of heading to the gym. To eat my weight in carbs. To sleep until the weather breaks. I want the rain to stop - sunshine or snow, I don't care. The urge to hibernate is overriding all my other instincts. Even holing up in my office is preferable to going out into the cold wet.

And I had such big plans. Have such big plans.

Grrrr....must. snap. out. of. it.

Gym tomorrow morning. Must.


1.3.09...narrowly avoiding a life of crime

Having both a dog who needs to go outside as soon as he wakes up and a personal tendency towards crazy bed-head, I am a fan of hats and hoods. They're necessary - the days that I've not bothered with a baseball cap or sweatshirt hood are invariably the days that Boo and I cross paths with a family headed for the Catholic school a few blocks away...no matter that I've brushed my teeth and have caffeinated sufficiently to be pleasant: as soon as they see the hair the adult rushes he children past the crazy lady with the large, exuberant dog.

I can't say that I totally blame them.

So my customary winter dog-walking outfit includes black sweats or gym pants. My black fleece hoodie. A black fleece North Face jacket. Sneakers or my new ugly fleecy shoes. Black fingerless gloves (the better to get those pesky poop bags open).

And my dog is black.

So, at night, you can hardly see us.

I could totally be a chubby cat burglar. Watch your valuables.

My five:
  1. The opportunity to get healthy, no matter how much I fight it.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Toasted walnuts. Soooo good!
  4. Furry alarm clocks, even when they're two hours early... ugh.
  5. Progress.



Today I am wanting.

Wanting snow.
Wanting to be thin and strong immediately.
Wanting to eat my weight in chocolate, bread, anything.
Wanting something exciting to happen.
Wanting to entertain.
Wanting to create.
Wanting to be pleasantly surprised.
(You notice that I always write "pleasantly" before the word "surprised"? Totally intentional. Maybe I'll be able to leave that particular superstition behind this year.)
Wanting to be set apart as special.
Wanting to see mountains.
Wanting to feel beautiful.
Wanting to feel smart.

Fortunately, yearning and dissatisfaction do not go comfortably hand-in-hand with sitting on the couch. And while the easiest to fulfill would be the stuffing-my-face want, let's see if I can work on one of the others.



For as long as I can remember, I've believed that what I do on New Year's Day will be representative of what I'll be doing all year. It's early, but here's my day so far - infer away.

  • Slept until 7 - thanks, pets!
  • Two cups of hazlenut coffee, oatmeal & strawberries for breakfast.
  • Walked the dog. In the freezing cold - my blood's getting thin, living here in the south!
  • Gym - 45 minutes on the elliptical.
  • DSW - sale!!! wheeeee!
  • Pizza for lunch. mmmmm.
  • Silly, stupid movie (Tropic Thunder. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm digging Tom Cruise's cameo molto!) with the hubby and sleepy pets.
Contemplating making the lobster risotto that I was going to make last night...hubby picked up filets, so it'll be surf and turf at the Rahree house!

So I'm eating well, exercising, relaxing, shopping, cooking. But cleaning, working - missing from the day's events. Hmmm....seems that in 2009 I'll be unemployed and living in a pig sty. But will be buff, eating tasty food and have killer shoes.

Could be muuuuch worse. :)

Edited to add: The surf and turf turned out lovely, but somehow I jacked my knee...so I'll be well-fed but limping? Not so cooooool...

My five:
  1. Fleece-lined shoes. And pants. And hats. Soooooo awesome.
  2. New perspective.
  3. Beginnings.
  4. Steam room. (heart eucalyptus.)
  5. Silliness.