Aaaahhh....Saturday morning...

Big cup of hazelnut coffee, some blog surfing and morning news shows... sunshine just peeking over the horizon...and hubby has taken the dog out twice already this morning! it's a two-hat day, to be sure (the number of hats is in direct correlation to the temperature and wind chill...two hats for temps below freezing), but there's still a nice long walk with pup in store, and my hour-long, kick-my-abs pilates session later this morning.

It's shaping up to be a lovely day!

I'm happy the work week is over...after two solid weeks away from the office, re-entry can be a bit of a challenge. I sat in on my first union negotiation on Friday, and while it was beyond nice to see friendly, familiar faces across the table, it was bittersweet to go into the meeting without having talked about it with Dad...as a Labor guy, he was a great resource for his Management daughter.

One of the great things about a slower pace at work, however, is having a little extra time to read. Some of the books that I've read recently that I can recommend:
  • Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus' Childhood Friend - Christopher Moore. Not for those with no sense of humor, this is a silly take on the 30 years of Jesus' life that aren't documented in the Bible. There's an angel addicted to soap operas, schoolboy crushes on Mary, and the origin of Judo explained....what's not to love?
  • Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortensen. A moving true story about a life-changing curveball thrown in the shadow of K2.
  • Remember Me? Sophie Kinsella. A great beach book...wish that I had been at the beach to read it. Or a pool...would've settled for a pool, too...
  • The Book of Vice - Peter Sagal. Why are vices so compelling? An entertaining exploration.
  • A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard - James Frey. You didn't read them the first time around because of the Oprah memoir scandal. They are so worth reading...if you're struggling with anything (and hey, it's January...I know you're dieting even if you're not admitting it) you'll find a kind of solidarity in these pages.
I'm halfway through Prep, which is flashing me back to my teaching days, and looking to start Devil in the White City shortly.

Today's five:
  1. Free time.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Challenges.
  4. Nesting.
  5. Friends.
Edited to add: Why, oh why do I rail in my deepest heart against exercise when I feel this good afterward? Can this old dog ever learn a new trick? Geez... Pilates was awesome, and I feel 6 feel tall. Je l'adore.


vkwheels said…
now I'm hooked on Mimi Smarty pants - thinking of stealing other people's blogs

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