Short post...sniffly, achy Rahree. Stayed home from work like a good girl so's not to spread the germs around. Cleaned, napped, made the bed, made supper... and drank wine when the neighbors stopped by. Can I say again how much I love our neighborhood? It's a good day to be a little under the weather, I s'pose!

Heading to bed, but here are some things that I'm sharing with you. Because I'm nice (or mean...) like that.

  1. This is the clip that made me stop hating Tom Cruise.
  2. This is a cool site for bookworms that AP turned me on to - thanks, lady!
  3. This is a show that you should come see with me!
  4. And this is another show that you should come see with me! Two shows in one month...pretty crazy, I know...
  5. This is my fav cooking/food porn site. And I've actually made some stuff that's pretty tasty from them, too! Bonus points for tastiness!
And my five:
  1. Ugly shoes. I caved. My blood is thin, and I'm cold, dangit. And i lurve them sooooo much.
  2. Watching my hubby laugh until he can't make a sound. Thank you, Les Grossman.
  3. Having Inauguration Day off. Wheeeee!
  4. Having an excuse to play piano - thanks, SSSAS!
  5. Not having weather infringe on my morning commute...I can still leave the house at 8:52 and make it in time.


vkwheels said…
feel better!

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