1.15.09 I promise I'll post more than glorified lists soon...

The last few days have been a mixed bag of sorts... lots of things to do at work, but most everything has to wait for approval, language, further negotiation...my to do list is totally stagnant.

I hate that.

I've started to put easy stuff on the to-do list. Eat breakfast - Check! Get the mail - Check! I can't wait to really start crossing things off my list.

Yesterday was gross...started the day with a poke in the eyeball, and ended it with a ruined batch of pad thai. Really, the less said about the day the better.

This morning? Rahree made a new start! Yoga at 6am...I was one of just two folks in the class, and it was a nice, easy hatha class. And it snowed on the way over...not enough to stick, but just enough to be super pretty.

Work was good, although I was sad to miss the twins.

I spent this afternoon back at the old school...the school that I left in a hurry when I took this job. They ask me back periodically to work with singers, play rehearsals and performances.

I am always surprised at the energy when I walk in the room. It's like a strange mixture of excitement, hope, angst and, well, hormones.

Lots and lots of hormones.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to feeling a little drunk after a few hours in that atmosphere!

One of my favorite kids stopped by to visit when he found out I was on campus. It was more than a little trippy to see him grown up, talking about college and Vegas trips, but it made me terribly happy.

Top the evening off with conversation and dinner with a good friend, and today is officially light years away from yesterday. And, as SingleGirl says, 2009 is our year...today it really started to feel like it, in a quiet, balanced, fun way.

(I just wish that I hadn't started to nod into my crabcake before 8pm... )

Tomorrow's shaping up to be a long but good day...8am rehearsal, work in the afternoon, a coaching with a high school student in the evening, followed by an awesome concert.

Today's five:
  1. Polarfleece. Because, have you noticed? It's cold.
  2. Ecuadorian sweets. You know you're jealous.
  3. Puppy love...nothing says "You're awesome!" like a wiggly dogger.
  4. Four-day weekends.
  5. Bed. Good night, Gracie.


Anonymous said…
Nodding into your crab cake or not.... saying to a friend, "I'm tired. I've had a long day. I just need food. And a drink. And you're the person I want to share that drink with...." it's the highest compliment really.

And god damn it, 2009 IS our year.
vkwheels said…
Don't you know there's nothing like a sharp poke in the eye...

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