1.16.09 Found time

Full plate today, starting with rehearsal across town (for those of you not from DC, "across town" means "hope your travel mug is full, because it's gonna take all morning to get to your destination.") before heading into the office.

But wait!

Sadly, the teacher I'm helping got food poisoning. In a big way. Poor thing.

No rehearsal this morning.

So, instead of running around, trying desperately to get out of the house by 7:15am, I am happily ensconced on the couch, dog at my feet, cup of coffee#2 on the table next to me. Hair's dry, spackle - er, makeup - applied, socks on and toasty. Watching the story about the plane that landed in the Hudson (How was I so busy yesterday that almost this escaped my notice?) Crazy!) and feeling so good about the outcome - yay, survival!

As you head into the weekend, I hope that, somewhere along the way, you find an hour or two that you don't expect.

My five:
  1. furnaces. how cow it's cold out!
  2. hazelnut coffee.
  3. walking at dawn...the most beautiful skies.
  4. routines.
  5. friends.


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