Today I am wanting.

Wanting snow.
Wanting to be thin and strong immediately.
Wanting to eat my weight in chocolate, bread, anything.
Wanting something exciting to happen.
Wanting to entertain.
Wanting to create.
Wanting to be pleasantly surprised.
(You notice that I always write "pleasantly" before the word "surprised"? Totally intentional. Maybe I'll be able to leave that particular superstition behind this year.)
Wanting to be set apart as special.
Wanting to see mountains.
Wanting to feel beautiful.
Wanting to feel smart.

Fortunately, yearning and dissatisfaction do not go comfortably hand-in-hand with sitting on the couch. And while the easiest to fulfill would be the stuffing-my-face want, let's see if I can work on one of the others.


Anonymous said…
You need to amend your list. You are beautiful and smart and strong and special. I'm sorry there's nothing we can do about the snow....
vkwheels said…
you're "special"
rahree said…
aaahhh...you guys are awesome :) and vk, you can call me "ed" when i'm in a funk again.

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