1.25.09 sooo random

So much writing, so little content...I give you LINKS!

I love this. I own no vinyl, but after seeing this I really, really wish I did!

This is the next book we're reading for book club. I'm so psyched! Question: what kind of appetizers does one prepare for the ladies when a tome on cannabalism is on the evening's agenda? Discuss.

I was on the elliptical for far too long today, and a documentary on BTK (the serial killer from Wichita) was on the tube. Boy, of all the days to leave the iPod at home... I read all the Steven King books when I was a kid, but I find the real-life prospects much too terrifying to deal with.

I subscribe to this site in my feed reader, but as the economy tanks it's looking more like a train wreck than an idle pasttime...I'm starting to feel a little embarassed...

I love the way Mimi signs off on each post. I'd like to be as witty as she is. I'll settle for reading her blog and not working so hard.

Rewatching The DaVinci Code. I first saw this actor in La femme Nikita (an AWESOME flick, btw. And don't bother with the English language remake), and love it when he pops up in a film.

Lazy, aimless, wonderful day today...tomorrow will be all about errands, laundry, and hopefully a new recipe. Careful - the excitement might hurt you!

My five:
  1. A soft, comfy bed.
  2. Looking hopefully forward.
  3. Mythology, both the codified and the personal.
  4. Dark purple, one-coat, quick drying nail polish. No more naked toes!
  5. Possibility.


airstreamdiva said…
hmmmm, cannibal food.....
lady fingers? bloody marys?
rahree said…
love it! i'm shamelessly stealing your ideas!
Sean said…
he was so good in leon the professional with natalie portman. one of my favorite movies

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