1.26.09 Unbridled joy

This weekend I took Boo to the dog food store. It's a little shop on the main drag in our town, sandwiched in between a bike shop and a bank. It's a few short blocks from our house, but we don't walk past it terribly often because, frankly, Boo can't tell time. We'll walk past at 6:30am, and he'll park his fanny down in front of the doors.

And sit.

And sit.

And stare at the rows of rawhides and plushy toys and things he's never allowed to have. And he's content to be there for a period of time that, at 6:30am on a January day, feels quite punishing to the almost-hairless half of the walking duo.
But on Saturday afternoon, we were out for a walk, and I needed to get dog and cat food and treats, and thought "Why not? Let's go to the dog food store!"

We walked in and it was doggie Christmas. The clerks fawned over him! There were huge rawhide bones at nose height! There was another dog in the store to sniff! THERE WAS A SALE ON PLUSHY HOLIDAY TOYS!!! My man wagged and wiggled and cavorted through the aisles, stole several goodies (that I made sure to pay for), and totally fell apart for some first-class belly scratching.

Boo loves soft toys...plush, soft rubber, things that are easy to tear up. (Like my flip-flops and my favorite peep-toe black cork-soled wedges. But that's a post for another, less generous day.) so I picked up one of these for him while he was terrorizing the clerks.

You would've thought that he won the doggie lottery.

As soon as I take it out of the cupboard, he's trying to chew it. (we keep the toys in the cupboard because, even though they have an indestructable refund policy, my guy can still destroy almost anything in a few short minutes. See the earlier paragraph regarding shoes.) I throw it for him, and he's so pleased to have caught it/found it/ have it in his teeth that he bounces back to me. He rolls around on it, shakes it like he's trying to kill it, and looks absolutely heartbroken when it's time to go back into the house.

So the question that I'm asking myself - and you as well, gentle readers - is when is the last time you felt such unbridled joy? And if it's been a while, how are you going to find it? Because, if it feels half as good as Boo says it does, it's totally worth seeking out. I'm on the lookout.

My five:
  1. Boo...life gets better when I listen to what he's "telling" me.
  2. OTC medications. I am NOT getting sick.
  3. The escapism a good book offers.
  4. Take out. I love not having to do dishes.
  5. Sculpture.


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