1.27.09 a challenge

I've written about my struggles with the gym, with food and weight. (actually I never struggle with food...I struggle with the results of eating too much of it. It's a small difference, but nonetheless...) And so, to motivate myself, I'm holding a 5k.

That's right. You heard me.

On Saturday, February 28, at 9am outside of DC, I'll be hosting the Rahree 5k. And, if you live around DC, I'm inviting you! The route will be a mix of road, sidewalk and trail, and there will be as few hills (uh, duh...) as possible. I'll email the route to as many people as want to join in. Because I'm the organizer and also a beginner, I will not take registrations from people who will kick my ass on purpose. Accidentally? No problem - I hope you find your inner running god/goddess while we're pounding the pavement, and that we see you break from the pack in a cloud of dust. But smack talk my thunder thighs and you are out!

And, if things go well, there might be brunch waiting at Chez Rahree post-run. Mmmm...mimosas...

If you don't live in the DC area but want to join in, let me know a starting place and I'll plan a 5k for you in your town, so you can run along with us!

Intrigued? Leave me a comment and I'll put you on the list. And if you're interested, here's the link for the training program I used. Since it's only five weeks away this 8 week program might not be your thing, but you might be able to compress it a bit.

My five:
  1. Snow. The only reason that cold weather should exist. (and yes, I am hoping for a snow day, even though I'm no longer teaching...old habits die hard!)
  2. Heating pads. The ol' office was freezy today!
  3. Baked tofu. Rationally, I shouldn't like it, but I reeeeeeally do. Gross.
  4. Goals.
  5. Food porn. TV shows, internet sites, love them all... in my next life I'm soooo going to be a pastry chef.


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