1.3.09...narrowly avoiding a life of crime

Having both a dog who needs to go outside as soon as he wakes up and a personal tendency towards crazy bed-head, I am a fan of hats and hoods. They're necessary - the days that I've not bothered with a baseball cap or sweatshirt hood are invariably the days that Boo and I cross paths with a family headed for the Catholic school a few blocks away...no matter that I've brushed my teeth and have caffeinated sufficiently to be pleasant: as soon as they see the hair the adult rushes he children past the crazy lady with the large, exuberant dog.

I can't say that I totally blame them.

So my customary winter dog-walking outfit includes black sweats or gym pants. My black fleece hoodie. A black fleece North Face jacket. Sneakers or my new ugly fleecy shoes. Black fingerless gloves (the better to get those pesky poop bags open).

And my dog is black.

So, at night, you can hardly see us.

I could totally be a chubby cat burglar. Watch your valuables.

My five:
  1. The opportunity to get healthy, no matter how much I fight it.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Toasted walnuts. Soooo good!
  4. Furry alarm clocks, even when they're two hours early... ugh.
  5. Progress.


Ryan Taylor said…
As Jamie Lee Curtis goes without retouching or makeup in full pictorial, so too have you dared to dive into the sidestream media with this startling exposé where few bloggers of your personal style have dared to swim. Bravo for your strength and courage!

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