1.31.09 inspiration and olio

Lots of things that I want to address briefly today, and a dwindling amount of time to do so. So here's the snapshot version.

  • After seeing the Mark Morris Dance Group at the KenCen on Thursday and the Miro String Quartet at The Barns on Friday, I'm feeling like Christmas came waaaay early. The level of artistry, the beautiful strength of the performers, of the performances...it was an embarrassment of riches. I feel like a bit of a better person for having seen both events.
  • The sunsets the last few days have been just incredible...fiery, with deep blues and pinks thrown into the mix. And, as sunset creeps later by the minute, pup and I are afforded more times to bask in them.
  • I ran three miles today. And it was slow, but it didn't kill me - in fact, I feel a little more energized having done so. Hot. Damn. Who would've thought I be saying that?? Not me, that's for sure!
  • And, in related news, down six pounds from when I started before the holidays. I'm pretty psyched!
  • Tomorrow please don't call the house or my cell after 6pm. In case you haven't noticed, from all the ads and news programs, tomorrow is the super bowl. And I may in fact be making pierogi for the second time in as many months...may these little Polish hands help usher in another Steelers victory!!
Ok, running to clean up, visit a friend and teach a few lessons. Have a great Saturday!

  1. good surprises.
  2. help when you need it.
  3. coconut shower gel. Mmmmm....
  4. being productive.
  5. down time.


Kim said…
I found your six pounds :(
Let me know if you want them back.
rahree said…
i have a feeling that one or two found their way back after last night's pierogi-fest. I'm sure we'll swap 'em back-and-forth several times over the next few months...think of them as just visiting. :)

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