The weather is conspiring against me.

In my head it's sunny and cool, it's light after 5:02pm, and there's enough time to work, work out, walk the dog, and maybe run an errand or two. In essence, it's April.

In reality? It's barely above freezing. But it's far enough above freezing that it's raining instead of snowing. My sump pump (I'm thankful for it - don't get me wrong) is working overtime. In essence, it's March. In Pittsburgh.

I moved out of Pittsburgh, darnit..

I want to curl up instead of heading to the gym. To eat my weight in carbs. To sleep until the weather breaks. I want the rain to stop - sunshine or snow, I don't care. The urge to hibernate is overriding all my other instincts. Even holing up in my office is preferable to going out into the cold wet.

And I had such big plans. Have such big plans.

Grrrr....must. snap. out. of. it.

Gym tomorrow morning. Must.


vkwheels said…
You're bringing me down! Snap out of it!!

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