I have been called out, and this is my formal pledge.

No. More. Whining.

(For at least a few days, VKW. I promise.)

I got up early (on this gray, 38degree, soaking rain-filled day) and went to the gym. Yay, me!! I finally started back up on the 5k training course, and am digging it more...while I still don't really like it while I'm doing it, I'm able to run more consistently and a hair faster. It's kinda cool. Tomorrow I meet with my trainer, and on Saturday I'm taking a solo Pilates Class...my abs are sore just thinking about it, although using the machines feels more like playtime than working out. I'm thinking of starting a little athletic tradition...watch here for news.

I had lunch with a colleague today. We've worked together since I started this job, but because her business provides a service for us, I hadn't met her face-to-face before. But I knew her voice...focused, distinctive, with a pronounced Jersey accent. The woman that belonged to the voice? Teeny-tiny, coiffed, manicured, Coach-bagged, and suited...all of the things I traditionally am not. But, due to the craptastic weather, she was sporting a pair of loud paisley wellies. It was super cute! We had a great conversation, and the meeting went quite well...note to self - don't draw conclusions.

I read this article in the Washington Post a while ago, but it still provokes a strong reaction in me. I wish that the folks who don't know or aren't involved in the arts would read it and extrapolate all of the need and potential loss. I hope that they'll also realize that the need and loss won't be solely financial...

If you're in the DC area next Friday, you should totally check this out. Not only will it be a lovely evening, but afterwards you can ask yourself "how do those fabulous singers do it with two newborn twins at home?" Srsly...a tutorial on beautiful music-making while amazingly sleep-deprived.

Work-wise, we're prepping for a February workshop. I'm excited: my first WT experience was during the premiere of this team's first opera, so I'm anxious to hear the new music, and doubly excited to have opera in the building before May! Whee!

Homewise, we're trying to keep the labrador (bred to swim - keep in mind) out of the storm drains and run-off trenches. Unsuccessfully. It seems like the more rain we get, the more sniffing he needs to do...like the pee-mail on the telephone post is fading, and he needs to spend serious quality time with it before it's gone. The upshot? No sense in mopping the pawprints off the floor when more rain's coming, right? Pretend it's a faux-finish...

So, gentle readers, I'm curled up on the couch after a spaghetti dinner, blanket on my lap, glass of wine on the sill...time to put the computer down. G'night, all!

My five:
  1. Socks.
  2. Godiva truffles.
  3. Dr. Cox on Scrubs.
  4. Tea.
  5. Stories.


vkwheels said…
my evil plan is working....

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