2.10.09 Playing hooky/kidnap

I swear that I worked from 9-5 today.

I was in the office checking email and quaffing a cup of blueberry tea at 9am...went to a meeting, met with a colleague about a proposal, drove to Union Station and back, grabbed lunch, let the dog out, listened to a little bit of rehearsal, returned some phone calls and emails, and BOOM! It was 5:00. Close down the computer, turn the desk lamp off, wonder what I did all day...

I know that I moved a few things closer to their goals. But most of the things I did are not things I can cross off a to-do list, but rather advancing summer projects. It's not terribly gratifying, I have to admit. I like to cross items off my list.

But tomorrow I'm playing hooky! Since the weekend will likely be quite busy with rehearsals and meetings and comings and goings, and will include at least one trip to Baltimore, I'm out of the office tomorrow...aaahhh...

Having a mid-week day off is a bit of a double-edged sword though. Sure, it's great for getting things done around the house - it's made for laundry and cleaning and bad daytime tv! It's stolen time - the rest of the world is going to the office, but me? I'm in my PJs!

But what if I'm feeling sociable? Boo, while a lovely guy, isn't a fabulous conversationalist. My buddy KML and I used to play "kidnap." When one of us was sad or having a hard time or even just had some free time, they could call the other and say "Kidnap!" The caller had to give a time frame (afternoon, drinks, evening), and had to specify a pickup time. The Kidnap-ee was at the Kidnap-er's whim...could be a liquid lunch at the local dive bar, mani-pedis, movies, shopping at the mall or in the Strip District...

I want a kidnap!

My five:
  1. "Shoes" Omigod, shoes.
  2. Dinner omelets courtesy of hubby - Yay to having a wife once in a while!
  3. The Dog Show. Labradors and finals tonight.
  4. Chocolate with cardamom or garam masala...mmmmm.
  5. Non-bill mail. Catalogs and coffee and magazines and books. Yay!


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