2.1.09 an auspicious start to February?

The only good thing about February? It's short.

It's cold. The weather is usually Pittsburghian in its greyness. Cold rain seems to be the norm. Office work is usually all about numbers: contracts, spreadsheets, budgets. Bleah. Oh, and the kicker is the anniversary of my Dad's passing. Icing on the cake. Good. Times.

But today is beautiful. Sunny, forecasted high in the 50s. Nice enough to take a little run around the neighborhood.

And we'll have singers at work this week! We're workshopping a new opera, so there will be rehearsals and music making at work, in the middle of this deep dark winter. Happiness!

And it's Superbowl Sunday! So I'll be making kielbasa and pierogi in honor of the Steelers, and hoping that they cream the Cardinals. Regardless of who wins, it'll be an exciting game.

So maybe this February will be a little different...maybe February 2009 will be uplifting, rather than a big, cosmic smackdown.

Here's hoping!

My five:
  1. hope.
  2. goals.
  3. cooking - boy, do i love to make a mess in the kitchen!
  4. home improvement tv on Sunday mornings.
  5. watching the cat chase the dog around the house. :)


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